Cyberpunk 2077 delayed again

Take a damn note Gearbox. Delay and fix as needed. You’re scheduled for a Phase 2 patch AND a DLC next week. If you can’t deliver, just say so, and say so soon, not hours before promised release. It will be fine.

Let your devs take their time, let your players enjoy polished content.

EDIT: Spelling because I’m clearly an idiot.


Gearbox needs to fix the game before releasing any more new content.


I am disappointed that Cyberpunk is delayed again !!! but at the same time, i will live with it as i understand the importance of releasing a polished game.

But then again, we are talking CD Project Red here…

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wish they would just say going to release it on next gen instead of current, by time it’s out everyone will have new consoles.

CD is independent developer ■■■ publisher.
GB is only a developer.
Release is normally determined by publisher, 2K.
Contract is binding. GB has to abide by it or there will be law suit.

The fact is, while most of us do have minor issues, we’re playing and enjoying the game just fine. More content is very welcome. And, the team that works on fixes has nothing to do with the teams that work on new content, so it would be pointless to stop production of new content in any case. Graphic artists and story designers know nothing about fixing bugs.


Minor issues? :rofl: The game has been a mess since Mayhem 2.0.


For some. I did not notice that much of a difference, but I don’t play on high MH levels.

Having said that - BL3 is the least stable game in BL3 franchise. I’ve had around 5 crashes in my measly ~300 hours, and I only had may be 1 in BL2 and none in BL1/TPS.


My computer will be the same

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Maybe it has “been a mess” for you, but Mayhem 2.0 works just fine for me. I currently have no major issues with the game. My worst gripe is not being able to turn down Balex’ voice without turning the music down - not exactly a huge problem in the grand scheme of things.

Look around this forum. I’m far from the only one who has major issues with the current state of the game. Do you even play end game content? Are you playing on upper Mayhem difficulties?


Just because there are a bunch of complaints on the forums doesn’t mean the game is bad or broken or whatever. There are MILLIONS of people who play this game; the number of those who come here and gripe are far less than 1% of the total player base.

And, frankly, most of what I’ve seen boils down to personal opinion, not actual fact. It’s fine not to like Mayhem 2.0, but that doesn’t mean it’s broken. Plenty of people - including people that play M10 exclusively - play the game for hours every day and have no trouble doing so. You can watch a number of streamers do it on Twitch almost every day if you want proof.

But what you said, what I responded to, was “the game is a mess”. Even if I were to agree to dislike Mayhem levels, I’m not going to agree that the entire game is a mess. That’s just - wrong. It is quite playable for the vast majority of us. If it weren’t, Gearbox would have far more problems than just the people coming to these forums to air their issues.

And yes, I play on higher Mayhem levels - but that really is beside the point. My beliefs come from more than just me play the game, it’s also watching others play it since the beginning, for some 9 months now. Most people play the game just fine (at M10). It is not “a mess” for most of us.

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I am just going to get my loot and shoot on with SAO fatal bullet until BL3 is fixed.

Or at least finished with everything. No use playing a broken game with broken skills and weapons that will be nerfed every few weeks

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I have and most of them have complained about the state of the game which is pretty telling considering their livelihood depends on the game. Some of them have even played other BL games while waiting for fixes.

Is it playable? Yes. Is it fun? Well that probably depends on what you are doing. If you are like the vast majority of players who probably never go beyond story mode or even finish story mode…the game is probably fine (so no reason to complain on the forums). However, if you are part of the smaller number of players who play the end game content loop…not so much. Sounds like you are in the former group if you think things are fine.


Yea, the game is in such a great place that Joltz has been playing BL2. :laughing: Dammit2Hell rarely streams BL3 now. There are so few BL3 streams now compared to what there were. I looked at Mixer on Xbox the other day and there were a total of 21 people playing BL3.

Action skills, grenades and shields don’t scale to Mayhem level. Action skills do nothing more than trigger anoints. There are only a handful of weapons that are viable at M10. Watch the streamers and they’re all using the same ones.

Loot drops are terrible, especially dedicated drops. Anoints are bad, with most of them being worthless and doing nothing more than watering down your chance for getting a decent item.

You can continue to ignore the issues and pretend like this game’s great, but others on this forum know better. I loved this game and played it every day until I just couldn’t stand it any more and had to quit.



I still play but the game definitely IS a mess right now.

Split-screen issues. AS, Nade, melee non-scaling. Poor gun balancing. Loot pool pollution. Too many anointments being trash. Stability issues that required removal of several Mayhem modifiers.

The stability issues are much worse on console. These don’t handle the mass of visual effects as well as PC and as a result my friends and I experience fairly regular crashes in co-op.

I’ve stopped submitting tickets because I’m sick of getting form-letter automatic responses from 2K. The system seems to be designed to keep any human employees from having to spend any time dealing with customer issues.

The UI is still laggy and glitchy although I give Gearbox credit where due - the recent patch improved this significantly. But it’s still in need of work.

So yeah, it’s a mess.

The phase 1 patch was a step in the right direction. Let’s see what happens with the phase 2 patch.


Just because it’s all well and good for you it doesn’t mean it is for everyone. See how funny that argument works?
You’re right, the entire game IS NOT a mess. Only most of it:

  • Endgame

  • Loot system (anointments being the dogs balls, guns are just there along for the ride)

  • Broken (as in: not working.) skills

  • Action skills only there to proc the aforementioned anointments (yeah, yeah, they’re fixing it next week. Just like they fixed everything with Phase 1, right? That’s the point of my post.)

  • Power creep

And I’m sure there’s plenty I’m forgetting.

Just to answer your counterarguments:
No, I’m not playing anymore, I’m waiting to tick the DLCs off and uninstall. No, nobody is making me play the game. No, just because I’m writing this it doesn’t mean I’m a hater, I’m writing this because I’m a long time fan and I care for Borderlands. Laugh away


I think what you meant to say was “The fact is over 95% of the people who bought the game stopped playing long ago, and probably around 10% of what was left has stopped playing since M2.0 was released, but for the tiny fraction that is left, the majority of them only have minor complaints and are still enjoying the game”.

For the record, out of the 4.5 Million copies of the game sold, only about 230,000 or so have played in the past month, and out of those, about 170,000 of them were new players with new accounts.

So figure out of the 4.5 MILLION that bought the game fewer than 70,000 are still regular players.

Keep that statistic in mind when you’re talking about what MOST BL3 players think of the game. 4,430,000 out of 4,500,000 owners no longer play the game.


Speak for yourself.