Cyclone bike machine guns

I can’t figure out how to fire the machine guns on the cyclone?? I’m on a PC and use mouse button 2 (right button) to fire the missiles on the car but can’t figure out the machine guns ??? Thx

But Cyclone doesn’t have missiles. It has one weapon type: guns, blades or stickies.
Check the Controls menu.

Bikes also don’t have a secondary fire mode of you mean this… They only have one weapon

I know it doesn’t have missiles; was just mentioning the use of missiles is via my right mouse button but can’t figure out how to fire machine guns even on car?

Check the Controls in Options.

Unless you’ve changed the settings… Did it never come to mind that maybe, just maybe, you’d use the normal primary firing button aka mouse button 1 to use the vehicles weapons?

seriously? Yes, tried but doesn’t work

Well, in that case you either changed it to something else without noticing or your game is bugged.