D0nt get my dander up

If anyone somehow has a Dont get my dander up character skin for Zer0 and would like to come to an agreement on something my PSN is Ps4

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I got it for you. Just tell me your psn and i’ll add you


I don’t suppose you’ve got another do you?

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Unfortnetly not :confused:
The community day skins vanish out of your inventory or bank somehow after a short time. Atleast when you transfer them with a chatakter from your 360 and ps3.

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I saw your post from awhile back about how you got them from a cross save from your friend, I’m guessing you no longer have access to that anymore? Just really love the look of the zer0 one! Just hoping I can get it somehow :joy:


I know its cool right :laughing: i’m using “aaaand zero” myself but thats just a matter of taste
I’m really sorry but i can no longer help anyone out with these skins. Maybe you get lucky in one of the many ps4 communitys out there. Someone should got them on some old savefiles anywhere

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Tried to get mine from ps3 but they dont transfer at all. Tried numerous times.

Can u add me aswell… it’s Bloodymonster071