Dab Dab Alani Wreckage Post Your pre nerf Alani Vids

So home girls gonna get eviscerated by the devs in the coming week so post you Note worthy wrecking sprees on Alani If you wrecking good players bad players i dont care just post them here so we can take a last look at how fun she was per nerf. While i will admit her auto attack dmg was ludacris and her health pool is also she is still fun and i will still wreck on her post nerf any way have fun.

I opened way too many Eldrid packs to get that dab… But it was worth it

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when i first saw it i was like wtf she pulled a cam newton on me

I’ve just had a whole lot of moments where I was holding a lane by myself in Meltdown against 3 enemies.

added more videos fun times

Dude. Your enemies sucked :stuck_out_tongue: in the first vid anyway. Nice job Shrekkin em :slight_smile: if I bother with my recording settings, I’ll upload some.
You build very attack damage oriented, I build skill damage oriented. I only do yours when I ■■■■ up and select the wrong thing.

LoL you are the least evasive alani I have ever seen there are like 10 pts where you’re standing still shooting someone you’re Marquis wetdream…

i didint give a flying flip about dodging lol or evading back then all i had on my mind was kill kill kill any way alani is slow as ■■■■ so… on top of that i have the pacifier and lifsteal so its GG