Dahl allegiance impossible

Going full dahl ellegiance is impossible the only dahl weapon that is good is only good on digiclone and thats the sandhawk.

Every dahl weapon underperforms comparitively to the rest of the manufacturers in M10 and has been this way forever now.

We did have the kaoson at one point but then it got nerfed.

im doing just fine with 4 kaoson in my loadout^^


I…guess you won’t be doing a Dahl allegiance then?

Buffs are coming in the future

They will be welcomed, its just frustrating because ive wanted the kaos to be good for so long even have gotten element versions with cryo sntnl annointment and it just does next to nothing on everything even on those that are supposed to be weak against the element.

its probably the wrong weapon for zane
i dont know
with moze its still doing top tier damage

Breath of the dying can one shot fabricator on m10…

dahl and vladof outside of (backburner monarch lightshow) is horrendous if peer reviewed


Good to know!

I mean, I don’t honestly think that’s accurate. Maybe with Zane it proves a little rough, but Dahl is a ridiculously accurate and fast firing gun manufacturer that can do great things in the right hands

They’re great for a mindsweeper Moze or a Critical Hit based Cast Amara.

Actually. I’m theory running a Clone Dome but with Speed Damage build in my head and Dahl would be really fun with that for constant Brainfreeze.

I would probably call it ‘challenging’ instead, not ‘impossible’. And I presume you did it for a challenge aspect, so mission accomplished.