Dahl allegiance


Dahl Commando


AR: Dahl minigun fire or shock. Emerald if your lucky. Or the Seraphim. Deep or feral verucs shock or fire or corrosive.

SMG: Flying emperor in shock, fire, or corrosive. Same for sandhawks. Grab a few Lascaux too. Flying plasma caster would work also

Pistol: hornet with twin, floated or react prefix(personal preference ),or a corrosive Gwen’s head. Gwen’s heads could be slag also.

Sniper rifles: Sloth in every element not sure on the best prefix. Emerald snipers work great also.

Grenade: Slag bouncing Bonny in low lvl and op8. Crossfire would be an easy to get alternative.

Relic: purple op8 dahl allegiance relic

Com: this build is made for the soldier, with some skill points swapped could make it a purple rifleman or blue rifleman dahl AR build. Still testing Pure dahl AR variant.

Shield: WTF with testing in op Lvls 3-8 I can conclude saying its best op6 and below but that’s where I plan on putting this build at anyways.


I’m not sure if I really need to explain the left and right trees as much. Pretty much the important skills down those trees. I guess for the left tree I did not take double up for one reason. To acquire more skills in gunpowder simply for do or die and to Max battlefront. I know the cookie cutter does not Max battlefront. And all I really used double up for was slag because I was lazy I guess😂. A slag grenade/weapon should work just fine.

Gameplay/difficulty: This build will work at op8 you’re not gonna brush through op8 like you would a torque build. Have to play a lot smarter and plan out the areas. Now if you do want a little more carefree/ easier time op3-6 is your best bet. You won’t be able to collect op8 gear that’s the only con. But if you think about It you could collect gear for lvling other characters through the op levels. I’d say it could range from low-high depending on op level

Build levels: 72 op3-6, op8 if you dare. Just kidding,play it smart and you’ll be fine.

Note: Did not make this as a raid bossing build. I guess you can try. I’d have to say I’m impressed.

Build type: Mobbing, allegiance, dps (not sure on best area)

Weapon locations: purple dahl minigun-pure luck world drop. Emerald version buttstallion(from person experience good luck😂)seraphim- seraph vendor dlc one

SMGs: Emperor-assassins, sandhawk “whoops” main story quest dlc 1. Lascaux-frostburn canyon. PC world drop/chests, emerald smg-buttstallion

Pistols: hornet -knuckle dragged. Gwen’s head-the dust multiple different locations, emerald pistols-buttstallion.

Snipers: sloth-rakaholics quest(destroyed the name), emerald snipers-buttstallion.

Shield: WTF-world drop, tubbies

Relic: dahl allegiance- world drop, pure luck😠

Com: legendary soldier-loot train, tubbies, vermi, chests.

Grenade: crossfire- pyro Pete the invincible dlc 2, seraph vendors? Bouncing Bonny- world drop, the invincible, tubbies(not sure).

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I’d definitely put 5/5 into Expertise. Aim speed is a massive advantage if you’re just using Dahl weapons.


With the legendary soldier it’s already 6/5


10/5 is a huge advantage. I’d say aim speed (plus do or die) is the reason Axton is the character to choose for a Dahl allegiance.


Hmm I’ll have to try seems a bit excessive


Got a random Dahl allegiance relic the other day and it is incredible. Mine was 62% or maybe 65% magazine size. Just the one stat on a blue relic but it made my sandhawks and other Dahl smgs amazing. Magazines got up to around 70 or so on the couple sandhawks I have. 90+ on this blue Dahl slag smg I’ve been using here and there. Extra bursts always welcome. Lol. Took quite the mental effort to switch out bones of the ancients but in certain situations it was fun as all hell not having to reload quite as much. Effect on my snipers was less dramatic but still useful and welcome nonetheless.

I’m sure other Dahl allegiance relics would probably better overall. Burst delay is probably the most sought after. I just wish I could find one with burst delaying mag size. That would be killer. So tedious to farm for allegiance relics specifically. Marcus’s loot train is probably the only decently reliable place and even that can be soulcrushing. Lol.

The whole Dahl allegiance oriented build setup does look like fun though. Certainly something to try out if you can get most of the gear, for sure. Looks good man.

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