Dahl ARs do more damage semi auto

An interesting find I noticed, then tested semi-rigorously in Marcus’ range.

Apparently Dahl assault rifles do more damage when switched to semi-auto. I did not observe the effect on the smgs or pistols, and have yet to test it on the Dahl sniper rifle.

So might be a good idea to switch them to semi whenever possible and just hammer that trigger like a Jakobs :wink:


How much more?

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Yes, way more. Take the Hawkins for instance, don’t use it on Auto. It takes like 65-6 seconds to empty the mag. But put it on Burst and pump the trigger three-4 times, your empty the whole mag in 2-3 seconds and do massive damage quickly. This is why Hawkins is still one of my Fav weapons

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It’s about 16% if I remember correctly.

Is it the same for burst fire? I always use burst, usually every shot crits.

Testing on range, no. Only semi gets bonus, burst and full are same damage.

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I guess that kind of makes sense, after all you otherwise wouldn’t have any incentive to use semi-auto because there’s no way you can reach the same rate of fire just clicking for every single shot.

Kind of weird that it doesn’t affect the SMGs though, because there’s even less reason to use them in semi-auto…

I’ve also noticed this, great sniper alternative. Especially the Helix and Hawkins.

Or pistols for that matter!

I won’t be surprised if this gets patched later on though.

At least noticed with the ARs, it also increases accuracy (that is the min crosshair size) when on semi, so it is absolutely better to switch to semi instead of “tapping the trigger in full auto”, which is honestly my usual go to for these kinds of games where fire modes are mostly useless.

is it an upscale on card dmg of 16%?

I believe so. I didn’t do any in depth testing, but it definitely not one of the common damage modifiers.

i did notice that semi auto snipers of dahl were second best behind jacobs even in m3 settings


It’s +20% on snipers and AR’s, 10% on smg’s and none on pistols. And it’s multiplicative iirc, so you get x1.2 on the entire damage.

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Is there any reason to use burst fire over full auto?

Higher accuracy/handling, better for hip firing

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In my experience with Hawkins on burst, i pump trigger 3-4 times, empty mag and target dead. Faster rate of fire then full auto and from what i can tell more dam

Burst fire doesn’t do more damage, that’s likely because of higher accuracy/handling which means fewer misses and more crits.

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While i agree with you mate, You missed the point.
I know that burst doesn’t do more damage as it is. But yes it actually does in this instance. Burst fire on a Hawkins can empty your mag in less than 2 seconds, and very accurately i might add. While on full auto you take twice the time to empty the mag. So while it doesn’t actually increase damage, it does increase dam per second because of the very high rate of fire. Just pump the trigger 3 times on a Hawkins set at burst and mag is empty. Tons of damage, especially because i am always using Hawkins to crit.

Yes, it can do more dam

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It does to a point, but not due to the weapon being used; c-c-combo (guardian rank perk) is basically the fire-rate x2 as weapon damage %