Dahl ARs still need love

All Dahl assault rifles need love still and I would like this soon please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In mayhem 4, the breath of the dying and Kaos were strong enough for end game content, even if you needed a good anointment for it. Meanwhile, the barrage and warlord have never been close to meta. All in all, these guns need a minimum of a 50% buff if not more per gun, and that’s just to bring them up to viability.

Buffing Dahl ARs like these with interesting special effects would boost end game meta and create room for additional interesting builds across all classes.

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star helix pls. that is my favorite.


Oh man I forgot that was Dahl. Yes plz

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Reality is AR’s across the board other than the OPQ and Monarch need buffs


Dahl assault rifles were adjusted in the June 25 patch.

COV, DAHL, and JAKOBS Assault Rifles were increased to match some of the VLADOF Assault Rifles.

Did you try Dahl assault rifles with (a) good anointments and (b) good passives on artifacts and class mods (+assault rifle damage, +Dahl weapon damage, +weapon damage)?


Yeah. I’ve been trying them with all kinds of stuff. Tbh, they’re just not good enough to justify even one of them being near meta. Frankly almost all AR are still off-meta at best. I honestly don’t think there should be entire classes of guns in the game that require the player to jump through hoops to make work. I get that not every gun will be perfect, but, like, there’s 1 good assault rifle, if we’re counting, and it’s an exclusive drop, so to get a good one, you have to farm a specific boss into oblivion just to play with it.

I think they need to adjust the ARs further. My proposal was 50% for base, and then more as needed, e.g. The barrage needs more since it’s always burst fire.

But thanks for linking the last patch. I saw that too. Just don’t agree that they went far enough. (hence “still needs love”)

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Completely agree.
Dahl has a nice assortment of ARs, none of which perform good enough at higher levels.
Most ARs in general need a good damage boost, especially after the extra projectile “fix” which pretty much decimated Lucien’s and Rowen’s Call, along with one of my old favorites the Guttin Gatlin Gun.

I enjoy ARs and would like to have more variety in the higher levels …

they suck if it takes that much to make it work

I’ll say the breath of the Dying ar wrecks armor based enemies with its aoe proc.

Torgue ARs first!!

Outside of Contained Blast, there are NO good Torgue Rifles.

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I know we are talking about end game but I would quick like to bring up the current state of ARs while leveling.

The main stand out is the Atlas. Q-system is well overwhelming during your leveling exp. A Q-system of almost any level can last a player for 15+ levels before another manufacturer can catch up. The raw damage makes it’s less attractive accuracy and handling a non issue once you are accustomed to using it.
Outside of that the rest of the Atlas ARs usually have fairly balanced with individual positives and negatives depending on which system it is and what parts it rolls

Dahl was always one of the better ARs while leveling by virtue of how usable they are. High accuracy, good handling reloads that are usually not all that bad, Variable clip sizes, and modest damage made better by the latter points via crits.

Jakobs I don’t think much needs to be said they are usually used as a Sniper alternative when used effectively they are incredibly ammo efficient and help you keep a good pace while mobbing similar to most Dahl guns.

Torgue ARs have there place when you find a good element it feels like for the most part stick or not Torgue gets outshined by the top 3 even when your focusing on Splash damage.

Then we have Vladof and COV. After the buffs to Dahl Vladof ARs just feel like a waste of ammo with fairly long reload times your using more ammo to get the same job done slower. Outside of Vladof ARs secondary functions they just don’t have any stand our qualities while leveling similar to the Shredifier which is a Rate of fire meme as far as I can tell. COV has more or less the same issue with its ARs. Using a long of ammo to get a job that Dahl, Atlas and Jackobs can do better and more efficiently.

For my money I think Both COV and Vladof need to be adjusted. Outside of getting a Lucian’s Call or Faisor while leveling I don’t use Vladof ARs. As for COV it needs to be elemental and so do my character for me to pass up the top 3.

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Yes please, Vladof ARs need some love as well. Except for the Monarch. An x2 Ogre can do work if you’re built for it, but I really miss my Shredifier. Right now that’s a tickle gun, unless you have it with consecutive hits and pair it with a pearl of ineffable knowledge.

Well the Faisor has a staggeringly high item score and it’s performance certainly doesn’t reflect that.

Item score really doesn’t mean anything. At least not that I’ve ever noticed. I stopped paying attention to that a couple days after launch.

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Even with a good anoint, weapon damage, AR damage, and Dahl crit damage, the Star Helix still is not great on Mayhem 10. Not even really what I would call “good” - unless you mean “good enough to get you killed.” Star Helix and Dahl ARs in general need some end-game love, I agree. They are still fantastic to pick up while leveling, they just fall off big-time at Mayhem 10. And I love ARs in general, and Dahl ARs specifically, in BL3.

It is meaningless, for sure. I get why they did it but it is more confusing than helpful.
The Faisor has always been a curiosity to me because it is the top scorning item, at least for me, and it seems like it should perform better based on the stats but it doesn’t. Also, it doesn’t seem to proc the Seein’ Dead class mod either not sure if that is because it technically isn’t firing bullets.

That shouldn’t matter, since Seein’ Dead just refers to damaging enemies with your weapon and doesn’t specify bullets. Then again, lots of things don’t work quite the way they’re described, so…

Barrage wrecks face man.

Though if they were made stronger, I wouldn’t complain

This is my OPINION … (hoping not to get banned or suspended again for having one that is different from another)

IMO: ALL weapons that are not DLC3 weapons need a buff with only a very few exceptions …

It seems that nerfs are abundant but buffs are few and far between.

In all honesty, what good is a looter shooter if all the loot sucks?

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I’m glad you wouldn’t complain, but I’ve never ever seen the barrage used on any video since the beginning of the game unless it was being done as a joke. I’ve also never been able to make it work.

That said, I’ve been playing on mayhem 10, and the list of workable guns is much more narrow than it was at lower mayhem levels.