Dahl ARs still need love

There are like what, 2 ARs viable in M10? Monarch and Clairvoyance? The whole category requires a huge buff. Same goes for all weapon categories.

Well, I agree there, but I think sometimes too many see this games end goal as people melting the toughest stuff on the toughest difficulty in seconds. Uber builds and speed runs and all this other stuff. Now, thats fun…sometimes and the game allows for it, but I don’t think thats the end goal here. I think most people (excluding streamers and most of the hard core base) don’t do that. Or, at least like in my case, they don’t make the whole experience about that. Personally, sometimes I put together crazy builds and go do Mayhem 10 Takedowns and etc. Sometimes I restart the story and just play through the game on TVHM with whatever I find and pick up, because playing the game straight up is fun too. Not every gun and piece of gear is gonna destroy everything. Sometimes its situational. I like the Barrage, especially on my Crit FL4K because it fires stupid fast and has almost zero recoil. Shred through mobs with that thing.

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