DAHL Assault Rifles - Either they're a bit underpowered, or I'm having terrible luck find a very good one

I love DAHL rifles in this game, and this here is probably the best non legendary DAHL AR I ever got, and it was sent to me via mail from DAHL themselves, and it actually somewhat good. However when I compare it with other ARS, like this Atlas rifle:

I honestly feel like I’m just gimping myself by not using it. Disregarding the Annointed mod, It has lower accuracy and handling, with the reload speed being slighty lower too, but everything else makes it far superior than my DAHL AR, and I’ve been getting a lot of non DAHL ARs that are actually better than my DAHL rifle in general. Even DAHL SMGs feels better than their ARs.

This blue quality SMG is pretty much superior than my purple DAHL AR in almost every aspect, only losing a bit in terms of damage and barely losing in accuracy…

Like I said, I’ve been seeing this quite a lot in my game… I know DAHL isn’t about having the best fire rate or damage output, but some of their ARs kinda feel like they’re kinda lagging behind a bit when compared to other ARs and guns.

Either that, or I have yet to get a purple DAHL rifle that makes me not drool over Atlas or Vladof ARs.


I can’t say I have a comprehensive understanding of DAHL or any of the guns in the game but I have been attempting to use all or mostly all DAHL weapons to satisfy the “matched set” skill for Moze. Until very recently I had been using this which I found to be quite good:

Sadly, it’s only lvl 45 and I’m now lvl 50 on TVHM M3 so it’s not quite cutting it anymore. However, it seemed pretty good while I was using it. To your point I do think there are probably better AR options out there.

I also find that the DAHL snipers can feel quite weak. Even though I like the way they handle they seem to be lacking in zoom range and damage output when compared to other snipers (even the legendary ones). DAHL pistols and SMGs are great though so maybe this is a purposeful balance thing. Not sure.

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the free one in the Borderlands website is a good one. the Puma.

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Just for the hell of it I tried the DAHL Kaos again on TVHM M3 mobs and it still does respectable damage. It doesn’t quite pack as much of a punch as it once did but still works pretty well. I would definitely use one of these in a level 50 variety.

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The Kaos, Barrage, and Star Helix are each solid or better. I have a radiation Star Helix with “next 2 mags -> shock” anoint, and it is awesome. The handling on each of these is excellent.

If you can get your hands on a warlord that gun is baller. huge magazine full auto and very accurate. Comes in all elements I believe. I have a fire and a kinetic one I use. Also, a purple Puma is quite good. I have found Dahl ARs to be quite roll dependant. For example, I have seen the same level Kaos and ‘Breath of the dying’ with over 200 points difference in their damage scores.
I still prefer to use Vladof on my Moze due to their higher magazine size, however Dahl are just as useful when looking at base stats alone.

Anointed trained puma is pretty good. I’m even using a green one, and it rocks.

Funny how nobody in the thread understood op. It is hard to say without save editor but looks like dahl in non red text is again behind competition when i was s doing my non red text only playthrough not a single dahl drop grabbed my eyes both jacobs and vladof have it beat easily now torgue and atlas i do not know but they also seem to be ahead of dahl ars.

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Seems pretty clear to me Dahl weapons have better accuracy and handling (and burst fire); that’s the point. They’re not supposed to be better otherwise.

I wouldn’t say Dahl weapons are strictly superior or inferior in any case, but I would tend to agree that Dahl assault rifles aren’t as appealing as other manufacturers’ assault rifles. Agree that their SMGs are quite good, especially on my SMG low-life mod Moze. Disagree, though, on the claim that Dahl snipers aren’t good: the great accuracy and handling modifiers allow someone like Moze, who has no accuracy and minimal handling modifiers, to effectively use a sniper rifle; that goes especially because Dahl snipers tend to have large magazines which pair well with her.

Possibly because you’re playing Zane, can’t say for sure but just based on the anointment of the Atlas AR, you find Dahl weapons inferior. Zane wants to leverage guns that are fixed by his skill use; Zane already has accuracy and handling in the Under Cover tree, so Dahl is not what a Zane specialized in the Under Cover tree is looking for.


I’ve had a couple of these drop in-game and second the recommendation.

This is a very good point. That being said, I’ve had a lot of fun with a drone/clone speed build running, jumping, and sliding around while hipfiring dahls . Their accuracy and handling definitely helps in that case.

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I strongly prefer burst fire over automatic. I’d say if you had gotten the one you shown in burst it would feel as good if not better than the Atlas you referenced to as being superior.

Thanks everybody for the replies. I just wanted to make a few points clear:

  • I know the legendary Dahl rifles can be pretty good, but my post is about the non legendary ones
  • Yes, I’m aware that Dahl main selling point is accuracy and handling, however I feel like they could use a bit more “oomph” in terms of fire power.

From what I’ve been noticing, I think it’s just the Jaguar rifles that feels like they could use a small damage buff on them. A small 10% damage buff would make them stand out a bit more. This would make the damage of the Dahl rifle I showed above be around 680-700 damage or so, which would put them in a good spot IMO, for a AR with moderate RoF.

Agreed on the Puma rifles, because they can have pretty high RoF for a Dahl rifle.


IDK about anyone else but Dahl ARs just feel good to use. I can’t really explain it but they just feel right.

Also the Star Helix and Dictator shoot multiple projectiles which is king in borderlands games

Dictator in Bipod mode + Fade Away + Guerillas In The Mist = Graveward melty

Love my Dahl - handling, zoom, fire modes and DPS on certain models is great. Use them mostly over all other manufacturers.

I feel like DAHL has been left behind with the “new and improved” gimmick system. While other manufacturers have seen theirs improved. DAHL lost part of theirs. They always been a bit of a lackluster in "listed damage " but more than made up for it with their burst fire. Now some of their guns don’t even have burst fire and those who have only have it on one of two modes.
To add insult to … eh… injury? (That one work better in French.) Other manufacturers also have alternative firing modes…

I really love some of DAHL alternate firing/scope modes. But yeah… they sometimes lack a little punch.
Not unlike Atlas… Or Vladof.
Some Maliwans… (Some are op)

It’s really the purples that lack punch in many cases I think. Unless you’re using Jackobs. :wink:
Some people ask for “Legendaries” to be even more… Legendary. I’d rather not have to rely only on a subset of gear.
But that’s just me.

What I found when I was unfortunately forced to switch my Vladof AR with a Dahl AR with single shot and burst fire was that it was great as a medium range sniper, and even able to project its considerable damage up to legitimate sniper rifle range. It felt like a Jakobs rifle, firing as fast as I pulled the trigger, but with less damage, though a far bigger mag. Dahl ARs may not be the best for close range, but better at medium to long range. If they get too close, pull out the SMG or pistol then.


I mean, DAHL’s legendary snipers are kinda garbage but other than that it’s haven’t seen a gun of their manufacturer that is lacking, while not doing that much damage compare to Jakobs or Torgue, their weapons are are really good. I’d suggest looking for a Puma, that non-unique AR is really good.

If you are referring to the fact that people have given some legendary examples as well then it is funny that you failed to notice that several people have also mentioned PURPLE Dahl ARs including myself. I re-read the original post and see no mention of ‘non-red text only’ ARs anyway. If you could point out the part that people have failed to understand I would be eternally grateful as I am honestly unable to see any lack of understanding of the OPs post in the replies. But maybe my engrish no so good? Thanks

I know this thread is about purple Dahl ARs but if you have the chance give the purple Dahl sniper diamondback a try. It’s automatic, has a 20 round clip on my Moze and crits for like 50k/100k+. Amazing for mobs even with bad modifiers.

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