Dahl Corperation internal memos

(Jefferonio) #1

I enjoy writting explainations for technology in sci-fi stories and video games. The following are explainations in the form of company memos. By the way, if anyone wants to use these in future games, I don't mind. I will not ask for royalties, although a free game might be nice (I would even write more, to get a free game). :slight_smile:

Re: Locks not working on Pandora

  To explain this, some technical information must be explained first. The hyperdimensional storage devices (this things with locks that glow green) keep items safe by pushing them slightly out of three dimensional space, similar to how spacecraft move faster than light.

  Imagine that our universe is like a swimming pool. Walking along the bottom of the pool is hard because the water slows you down. If you get out of the water a little (by moving to the shallow end or walking on stilts), then the water doesn’t slow you down as much, letting you go faster. This is what our spaceships do, they push out of the universe just a little to let them go faster than light.

  Continuing with the swimming pool analogy, the storage boxes with the green glow are like shelves that rise above the surface of the water. No amount of swimming will get you to the stuff on the shelf, like no amount of brute force will open the storage boxes. However, if the water rises, you can swim to the top shelf. On Pandora, the water rises.

  The fabric of space itself is in turbulence on Pandora. The “space waves” not only allow occasional easy access to the hyperdimensional storage boxes, but they also are washing things from one shelf to another. Opening a storage box on the planet might give you access to the things you stored in there, or it might give you access to things stored in a completely different box.

  Not only has this affected the safety of valuables on the planet, but is has also caused problems for the prison.

Re: WIldlife on Pandora

  To explain this problem, it is necessary to explain the mining operation. To increase profits, the mining on Pandora was using free, disposable labor: convicts from our contracted prisons. Unfortunately, there are complications when using convicts that don’t have a full life sentence. To supplement the low numbers of prisoners with life sentences, we have implemented a clone replication program to make more humans that, upon creation, believed they had a life sentence.

  Because of the problems with the hyperdimensional locks on Pandora(mentioned in a previous memo), some of the cloning materials, and some clones themselves, have escaped into the wild environment. This has caused an increase in non-contained criminal activity, and exponential population explosions of the wild animals that have absorbed the rapid growth chemicals.
  Some of the animals on Pandora that appear to be native, are actually there because of human intervention (this information is to be kept from the general public for PR reasons):

     Skags are the mutated results of edible herd(pack) species being released in hopes of a free food source.

     Rakks are native, as far as we know, and are inedible by humans due to their alien physiology.

     Spiderants are also native, and also inedible. Their quick borrowing allows for the ambushing of prey, which is likely why the rakks evolved their flight abilities.

     Scythids are mutated descendants of pests that stowed-away on human ships. They are edible, but taste horrible to humans.

  The rest of the wildlife is not currently an issue, and do not appear in this memo for brevity sake.