Dahl Efficiency and those other skins

So, has anyone been able to find any of the previously unobtainable skins after the patch? I have no idea where they’re supposed to come from or what specific enemies are supposed to drop them (if any). Anyone has any idea?

As far as I know, this is what the skins are called:

  • Dahl Efficiency (all characters)
  • Shadowy Warrior (Axton)
  • Cyanide (Zer0)
  • Empress (Maya)
  • Teal Me the Truth (Salvador)

I have no idea what the skins for Krieg and Gaige are called.

I’ve been hitting the slots, checking vending machines, destroying every pile I come across and killing random badass enemies, but I’m yet to find any of them.

While we’re at it, has anyone found a Cobra after the patch? Any idea what the new drop rate might be?

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Haven’t found any of them, despite popping every pile and checking every vendor. I got a perfect Sawbar from a Stalker pile but no new skins. :frowning:


I’m just hoping to find the new skins while doing other things… particularly the Mercenary Day loot train. I know the train itself won’t have the skins, but I’ve seen a lot of “regular” (i.e., non-Mercenary Day) skins drop from Tinder Snowflake.

Well, “a lot” compared to shooting skag piles and whatnot.

I think Tinder Snowflake only drops the character skins exclusive to his DLC and vehicle skins, but I suppose they could have included those new ones in his loot pool. It’s just driving me nuts not knowing where they’re supposed to come from.

Oh, is it just vehicle skins? I know I’ve gotten a ton of vehicle skins, but I swear there were non-DLC assassin skins. I’ll have to look closer on my next batch of farming runs.

These aren’t vehicle skins, they are body skins. Also, Dahl Efficiency is called LEAVE NO MAN UNEATEN for Krieg. You can find names here:

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I had meant… “Oh, Tinder Snowflake only drops vehicle skins? (besides DLC ones)”. But yeah, I’m familiar with the Dahl Efficiency ones.

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I have the DAHL Efficiency skin on my Axton, but it wasn’t a world drop, it was 3200 Crouched Assault Rifle kills Challenge, but my version is the Handsome Collection. I did consider trying to get the kills on a non-Axton, but I think I would have lost the will to live after doing it once.

I assume the challenge on other platforms (Crouching tiger, hidden assault rifle, or something) doesn’t do the DAHL Efficiency skin?

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That challenge gives the Dahl Predator skin, not Dahl Efficiency.

Aha, okay, I do have the Dahl Efficiency one, that’s the Blue Camo Scheme right? I don’t recall how I got it either though now (pretty sure it was a drop, just don’t recall how long ago, last couple of weeks sometime), so I am not helping much. I need to look tonight, as I think I have it on Maya to.

I have only been back into BL2 for the last 3 months, switching between Maya/Axton/Krieg and I definitely recall getting the Blue camo on Axton in that time, and possibly on Maya to

You got them from the Handsome Collection. They were given as loyalty rewards to anyone who bought the Handsome Collection. The patch made them available as drops for players on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Previous to the patch, they were bugged and unobtainable.

Damn that’s a bummer, yeah I mentioned THC as I figured it might have some bearing, guess that’s the only thing I got right today :slight_smile:

Someone actually found a Dahl Efficiency yesterday and posted a picture of it on the Item Finds of the Day thread. They said it dropped from a scavenger in Sawtooth Cauldron, so apparently, it will drop from random common enemies. So now we have one possible source for at least one of these skins.

Just as a follow-up for anyone else reading this thread… @anon13808724 is right about Tinder Snowflake dropping only DLC and Vehicle Skins at a buffed rate. Did several more Mercenary Day runs and saw he dropped ~10 non-DLC skins total, but they were all for the Runner and the Bandit Technical.

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I had a FLOAT AND STING LIKE MEAT drop from a Nomad. I already had this skin -it’s from Halloween 2013. So, I suspect that in addition to the Dahl Efficiency and other orphan skins, the update might make the special event skins available as world drops (Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s skins, etc.).

The Hyperion Assassin skins still don’t seem to drop at a reasonable rate, and I assume the Son of Mothrakk skins still fall through the floor.

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So, anybody found any of the other skins that aren’t Dahl Efficiency yet? We already know where to get the Dahl Efficiency ones, but I’m not even sure if the other ones were actually fixed. It’s driving me nuts not knowing where to get them. Even if people have already found them, I guess they just mistook them for any of the other ones that were already in the game and didn’t share the info. At this point, I’m almost asking Gearbox if they were actually fixed and who drops them, but I don’t think they would tell us. Should I ask?

There’s no harm in asking.

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I’ve asked Gearbox several times and I get nothings but side steps and ‘they’re in there somewhere’ never a straight answer. They’ve gone as far as to stop answering when I tried asking again hoping to get someone a little more helpful.

I asked @JoeKGBX to pass on the question to Gearbox. He replied to me saying that he got confirmation from Gearbox that all of those skins are now in fact droppable in game. So we have confirmation that they were fixed by the patch, but I guess they don’t wanna tell us exactly where to find them. They want us to find them for ourselves, but at least now we know what we’re looking for. So please folks, pay attention the next time you find a character skin. If it’s any of the following, share with us the source they dropped from:

  • Shadowy Warrior (Axton)
  • Cyanide (Zer0)
  • Empress (Maya)
  • Teal Me The Truth (Salvador)
  • Steampunky (Gaige)

Keep your eyes open for them and happy hunting!

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Well, I play the French version of the game and I recently unexpectedly got what “seems” to be “Teal Me The Truth” for Salvador and “STILL HEAR THE SCREAMIES” for Krieg (not in the same run). Some others odd skins too, that I’ve never seen before.

I’m “turning” in Arid Nexus - Badlands and the skins dropped from Skags or Skag piles. Can’t really tell because I got them after some “confused” fights (e.g. 3 rabids skags + elemental badass + many other skags). Also, I’ve done a lot of runs there after the last patch. Surely more than 80, maybe even more than 100.

I’m looking for the Dahl Efficiency skin. I someone knows how to get it, tell me. Is it available as item of the day in the vending machines?

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