Dahl First Impressions: Most Improved Gun Manufacture?

(Where's lucky?) #1

Dahl was a bit split in bl2, some people just hated the burst fire but wanted to love them because they loved the look and idea of them.

Gearbox listened, now Dahl has a part called fire selector that can spawn in 2 ways that we have seen. Burst to Semi or Burst to Full. And while I didn’t have this confirmed in the video, commentors saw others footage where many guns had it both ways. So both semi and full auto snipers.

Dahl still has middling stats from what I could see but excellent recoil, almost none in fact. But middling stats is not bad because you don’t have the draw backs, and being able to stay on crit really makes these stand out.

I think its the most improved because the ability to land easy consistent crits with high DPS full auto.

(Borderlands Youtuber Shooting , Killing & 87 Bazillion guns ) #2

Derch with dahl i feel some guns are great and some are average or lacking in damage guns like the sandhawk are good the hornet was good as well i just feel the lower rarity guns are a little weak. EDIT#1: I feel the snipers are sort of a decent gun but the burst fire just killed a lot of people from the snipers Not to mention the veruck is pretty good too. That recoil looks like DAHL could be a amazing gun manufacture this year. EDIT#2 Yea feels strange i swear i heard that too hmmm… EDIT#3 Would be amazing to do a dahl guns only playthrough. I feel this new Borderlands has a ton of potential to be game of the year.

(Mrfedia3000) #3

I’ve seen an AR that deals 125% damage semi-auto and 100% full-auto.
Guns with full-auto or burst seem to do the same damage.

(How much time do we have?) #4

Wasn’t this the primary Dahl selling feature back in Borderlands 1? I think I saw it float by on some loading screen text, or Marcus mentioning it. I like the sound of the switchable fire modes. How does operating that map to the controller layout (for us console peasants)?

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(Where's lucky?) #5

In the demo the D pad was not longer set up for guns, down was alt fires for maliwan, dahl, and vladof, other buttons switched missions etc…

But it did suck having to cycle with y. I don’t know if that is final

(How much time do we have?) #6

Did it still have the same thing where holding “switch” (Y on xbox) pops up the equipped weapon layout as an overlay? I’m guessing it would be possible to use that as an over-ride to select via D-Pad. (Or maybe I’m just over-thinking this!)

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(Where's lucky?) #7

I didn’t try that, possible

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(1sirus2) #8

This was my worst fear upon hearing about alternate fire modes/elements
Why can’t the useless Y button just switch modes, it seems a lot more intuitive that way, albeit a departure from pretty much every other game with guns.

(DocStrangelove) #9

Dahl looks really good in BL3. It’d be great if they had better accuracy or damage in BL2, but the way they are I can’t help but find them the most useless manufacturer.

It’s great to see them improved in BL3, yet I’m also worried about what they did to my beloved Maliwan. But I don’t want to judge until I’ve played it myself.

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(Spark Seeker) #10

What? There are a LOT of good guns manufactured by Dahl in BL2.
They are no gamebreaking as the Pimpernel and the DPUH but they are always solid.

(1sirus2) #11

The sandhawk is pretty game breaking, as well

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([In Memories Delusional]) #12

Allow me to drop in to say that the Veruc, and Emperor are some of my favorite Dahl items.

(Spark Seeker) #13

Forgot about it, as I dont usually use the gun. My bad

(1sirus2) #14

I got bored of beehawking pretty quickly, so I typically pair my bee with the lascaux.
More bullets, slightly less overkill.

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(Spark Seeker) #15

You taught me about the Emperor for Gaige and I have to stay: thanks.

Also, I’ve found the Gwen’s Head pretty useful too, as it is good to have an accurate crit boost for all that Anarchy.

(Spark Seeker) #16

I main Gaige so beehawking or Hawking itself is pretty… weird.
Emperor is a more accurate SMG so it is good to go.

(How much time do we have?) #17

Did you manage to get a shock one? I think I’ve only ever found non-elemental, corrosive, and slag. A shock Emperor on Gaige sounds fun.

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(Stein619) #18

I didn’t mind the burst fire for most guns in BL2 but having it on snipers was such a stupid thing and made me instantly ignore any Dahl snipers.

(Spark Seeker) #19

Have you tried it on Constructors? Best thing ever.

(Spark Seeker) #20

I only got Fire and Non-elemental ones, but could rock the Fire one without problems