Dahl Pistols: Your Thoughts

(N00bzilla1) #1

Ever since Borderlands Two I loved the look of non legendary Dahl pistols. They look like a futuristic 1911 ACP–sexy. However, I dislike the semi-automatic firing configuration when not ADS. I don’t mind the burst when ADS, but would making these pistols automatic, like their SMG and AR counterparts, break and or ruin these weapons?

What do you guys think? Good as is, and if so what situations do you prefer them over Vladof, Jakobs, or other pistol brands? Maybe in the next Borderlands make them full on automatic when not ADS? Your 2 cents?

(AKA Scruffy the Janitor) #2

Although I’m not one for Dahl pistols, I think they work better semi-automatic than full auto. It makes them seem closer to the guns of today and, compared to Dahl SMG’s and Combat Rifles, I think that their fire rate would be rather lacking if they were full auto. At least the SMG’s and Combat Rifles have some stopping power, but the Dahl pistols are better off firing similar to Jakobs pistols (when not ADS). The other slow-firing pistols have something to offset it rather than just recoil reduction:

Torgue-explosive damage=>more damage up front
Maliwan-elemental=>sacrificing bullet output for elemental effects
Bandit-high mag size=>shoot bullets for much longer before reloading (plus, it’s Bandit…)

Tediore and Hyperion tend to not have a fire rate as slow as these other companies. Besides, Tediore are often better being thrown instead of shot and Hyperion have reverse recoil, therefore you can maintain criticals pretty easily.

I like semi-auto guns as much as the next guy, but I don’t enjoy them on my Gunzerker. I prefer to hold down the triggers and let loose some lead.

(N00bzilla1) #3

I am the same way. If I have a Vladof and a Dhal pistol sitting next to each other with the exact same stats, I am going to choose the Vladof every time. I will look at the Dhal pistol, zoom in on it, admire it, but I will eventually sell it because it is not fully automatic.

(AKA Scruffy the Janitor) #4

Agreed, unless the Vladof pistol has a Jakobs barrel. The heavy recoil and reduced fire rate defeat the purpose of a Vladof pistol.