Dahl predator | zer0 op8 build vs Mines of avarice | no moxxi/transfusion

zer0 is my favourite character and i m sharing builds/runs that i love to do with him

let me know what you think about it

my 2 previous videos :

Bolt action sniper zer0 vs southern shelf | op8 | clean run (no FFY, Bee, Moxxi) : https://youtu.be/VyIu1oSL1H4
a video on the bolt action sniper playstyle with zer0

white gear only sniper zer0 OP8 Southpaw Steam & Power | no slag weapon | no matching element : https://youtu.be/qNIJAKp1d-s
A demonstration of zer0’s power

I am planning on sharing builds with every manufacturers for him, showing how his different skills synergize with the different manufacturer’s gimmicks as well as some other varied themed builds, trying to break some op8 myths like you cant have big gameplay variety in op8, you are forced to use certain weapons/gear to do well, you are forced to use slag weapons, etc…