Dahl shotgun suggestion for event

Could gearbox add a dahl shotgun better than conference call for the event coming up since hyperion has the redistributor which is better than all the dahl smgs?

Not trolling at all or being negative just a request from a dahl fan and wishing dahl weapons were as equaly sought after as jakobs and hyperion.

Shotguns name could be “baby dahl” and upon elim could be like breath of the dying except killed enemy fire out hearts that pierce any enemy along with gaining damage after each enemy it passes through.

Red text could be “To Leda my world” in reference to typhon deleons wife which they were crazily in love with each other.

weapon could come in incendiary, or cryo

Incendiary name could be “red hot baby dahl”
Cryo name could be “cold shouldered baby dahl”

Not asking for any rights to it or anything just would be cool to have a dahl shotgun besides the malaks bane (which is a sniper) that waste so much sniper ammo to use the shotgun mode along with not being impactful at all.

Just one shotgun for dahl please gearbox.

Have a good day.

That wouldn’t be worth it, I’m afraid. I mean, it would have to be a Hyperion Shotgun that just says Dahl on the weapon card because there’s no way they are gonna design a new manufacturer/weapon class combination outright just for a single unique or legendary. Or I guess they could do another Sickle where the weapon is just an AR that shoots a bunch of pellets. But there haven’t been any Dahl shotguns since Borderlands 1 and they just have nothing to really work by.
Besides, Dahl still has the Star Helix, the EM-P5, the Night Hawkin and the AAA which are all excellent and sought-after weapons.

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i would like it if they could use an old BL1 shotgun for the Dahl one. It would make sense, since it would have been on Nektrotafeyo since Typhon went there before the events of BL1.

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While we’re asking for things we’ll never get I’d also like torgue smg’s and snipers plz and thank you GBX

Idk if your being serious or sarcastic. If sarcastic what’s with the negativity it’s just an idea, it’s only one shotgun I’m not asking for an entire line of shotguns to be made, and Dahl is just outshined by every manufacturer. Plus their is no full dahl weapon build available because they dont have an actual shotgun yeah sure you can use the malaks bane but it only uses sniper ammo and you will run out before you eliminate anything that isnt super duper squishy in mayhem 4.

Partly sarcastic part serious. I want all these to come for sure but the only fan influenced weapon I can think of is the Trevonator. Sorry I didn’t mean to come across that negative and in all truthfulness I liked your idea and do think Dahl could use some love

Alrighty I’m just making sure cause this forum seems like it’s more positive than overwatch forum, and additionally it’s a video game so anything could happen so I dont think its outside of their realm to be able to add more weapons in the game. I’m just tired of just about every weapon in streamers and youtubers builds being main from every manufacturer but dahl, the knight hawkin saw play in a zane build but the redistributor was found to be much much better than it which blows cause dahl is supposed to be about smgs right?