Dahl soldier helmet

So I don’t know if this has been discussed or noted by my buddy and I were debating if the helmet was based off the DOOM helmet or Spartan. I say DOOM all the way. I don’t know if its official or not what the inspiration is from.

Wow I just noticed the original bad grammar and spelling. I am sorry and thank you for the person who make it legible.

God damnit, no.

I don’t want to shoot DoomGuy. ):

I don’t wanna kill Dahl anyway and then it looks like a bunch of doomguys too and that makes me cry.

Totally DOOMguy!

Well, DOOMguy meets HALO armour…

I don’t know bout that. Dosent look like many Spartan armors.

Are Spartans the HALO guys?

Never played much HALO!

The most known ones, yes. Then there are the ODSTs but still Dahl looks nothing like ODSTs. Then the marines and again no similarities. The DOOMguy is the best fit for them.

pickle is the doom guy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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DOOMkid more like. Haha.