Dahl, vladof, and maliwan shotguns?

heya. first time creating a topic in a
while. has anyone seen them in
gameplay, or heard if they made it
into the game?

thanks for your time and
take it easy.:grin:

Maliwan shotguns are a thing again other than that it seems every manufacturer only produces 4(or 3) types like in BL2. I still hope that they simply haven‘t showed everything.

Well, there’s probably Vladdy Assault Rifles with Scatter Shot Under Barrels, so kinda a VladShotGun.

I don’t really think shotguns go with the Dahl vibe, honestly. That’s just my own opinion, but Dahl feels like they prefer tactical, precision strikes, from a distance…or in mech suits.

@sammantixbb There are!

7:54: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6mSYJtE4-E

2:36 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0Kka7GP8gg

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if you tried a good hunter’s or desert
bulldog in bl1, you might rethink shotguns not working for Dahl.

I’d be happy with a nice Dahl hunter’s
shotguns with good reload and 12 shots. :smirk:


Well, technically, both of those weapons are assault rifles. The under barrel attachments might be shotguns, but the actual guns aren’t. As far as I know, so far there’s been absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any actual Vladof shotguns being in the game, we’ve only seen those secondary shotgun barrels attached to other weapon types.

Is what I say

Heck the original pearl shotgun was a Dahl

@anon13808724 And that‘s why I didn‘t listed them in my first post. This was merely a reply at sammantixbb.

That’s what I get for not paying attention to other people’s avatars and @'s. :man_facepalming:

Sorry about that, I mistakenly thought you were replying to the OP there.

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On that note, if Dahl insists on making sniper rifles can they please NOT be burst fire while ADS? Kinda defeats the purpose of a precision long range weapon IMO

Dahl’s new manufacturer gimmick is that you control how it fires. It’s no longer tied to when your ADS, instead each gun has two firing options and you can switch between them at any time. I’ve seen at least full auto, semi auto, 3 round burst, 5 round burst. Not sure if the potential firing methods are different for different gun types, but I have definitely seen semi-auto as a firing mode on a Dahl sniper.

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Oh that’s right, I’d forgotten about that. Ugh, thank the flying spaghetti monster for that change!