Dahli efficiency mystery solved?

So I just got the Handsome collection yesterday. I migrated my ps3 characters over to the ps4 not only was I greeted with 74 Golden keys I also had a Borderlands loyalty reward sitting in my shift rewards. I knew it was not the golden keys as the reward stated new features had been unlocked. I jumped in to the game on one of my lower level characters to check out his skins to see if I maybe had a community day skin or a poker night skin. Nither of those where there BUT Dali Efficiency was on my list of skins now. So I think that is how it is unlocked. You need to have played bl2 on the previous gen and the skin is then unlocked, Note I also have the other un obtainable skin (its called empress on maya) I am not 100% sure if they are loyalty rewards or if they are simply unlocked from the start but ether way I have them now and Iā€™m only missing 3 more heads and 20 skins on my siren XD

We confirmed recently that the Dahl Efficiency skins are in the general loot pool as well, just fyi! :smile:

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So it can just drop randomly from enemies and piles in the ps3 version?

Yes indeedy!