Dailies completed themselves today

It’s a glitch they haven’t fixed and haven’t said a word about it.

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Still waiting for a fix GB…

Its takes the challenge of doing the challenges if they have been done for me. Not a word on this.

Pretty sure this is intentional at this point. Like you do the daily and then it’s just completed forever. I’m now pretty sure I’ve done every daily in the game.

Would be nice if they explained why they did this. Or fix the bugs. One or the other.

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Would be nice if they explained something.

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Only started with these yesterday so i’m not really sure how this whole mess works :sweat_smile:

I think it’s a limited time thing and when the new card becomes available will introduce new ‘challenges’

I don’t get the whole key reward thing though :sweat_smile:

All in all… If this was intended to keep me playing? They really did a bad job :joy:

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Keys unlock the cosmetics and loot on the card if you don’t get the cosmetics in a chest. Diamond Keys unlock the loot room that gives you three full walls of legendaries to pick one item from each wall and then a chest full of more legendaries.

Basically it turns BL3 into a mobile style game that rewards you for playing daily. That makes their player base stats look more appealing to investors and the more people playing when new DLC or marketing rolls out, the easier the spin.

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Good for you I didn’t finish one daily so far, I’m not going to open that window never-ever. If I want to do daily quests, I go and play World of Warcraft.
This is exactly why I stopped playing Battlefield V. Its an FPS/RPG Game. I don’t want any kind of MMO kind of boring repetitive daily quests. You already giving me a lot of repetitive stuff to do, you want to burn my brain out too? No thanks! :slight_smile:
But you get a lot of extra rewards?!! No thanks, Its dull as hell!

Do the dailies matter much?

If not i’m not going out of my way to farm them haha

One daily is 50 Eridium and XP equivalent to about 25 regular mob kills.

They are mostly psychological trick - you’re likely to go for them because they are ‘there’.


XP wise? Not really. All three daily challenges are worth little more than single Graveward kill.
They also grant 50 eridium per challenge (500 for weekly), so in most cases you will kill GW 3-4 times and have more reward in way less time.

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For some of us that don’t have much else to do in the game, it gave us something to do.

Although it’s not much XP, after this many days it may add up to 1 level and that near 0% chance of a diamond key.

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Sure, every little thing kind of helps - I’m just seeing that at VC level 29, even weekly reward barely moves the green bar. Dailies effects are way too small to even notice to my untrained eye.

Example - one of today’s dailies for me is “Complete Slaughterstar 3000”. If I were to do that, I guess XP from mobs is going to be at least 10x (and probably much more) of the actual reward. Eridium too - it should give 500 just for completion (assuming it does not fall into the void :slight_smile: ), while Daily will only award 50.

I think if you were to ignore dailies, especially of the kind “Go to far corner of an empty map and kill that one guy” (looking at you, Rakkman) and just farm Scraptrap, Graveward, Slaughter Shaft or any other dense map , you’ll get new VC level faster. If that’s your goal :slight_smile: .

Yeah, I pretty much do the Slaughter Shaft for XP. I don’t like just boss farming guys like the Ruiner and Graveward as killing one boss, esp. just for XP, is so boring and for us console players so time consuming. I’d rather have fun at the same time and the Slaughter Shaft is one of the more enjoyable pieces of content in the game for me. Cistern of Slaughter and Slaughterstar 3000 don’t provide nearly as much XP and the latter’s loot is garbage compared to the Slaughter Shaft.

You gotta love it when the game trolls you with which Daily Challenge that it Doesn’t autocomplete.

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