Daily challenge - Valkyrie

Hi there!
There are a challenge today which are “Killing 3 Valkyries”.
So I went to the Maliwan Complex and killed the Valkyrie Squad but the challenge didn’t progress at all.
Are there somthing am I missing?


I wonder if they mean different valkyries, not the MTD named (mini) bosses? I think they spawn occasionally on Nekrotafeyo - sort of look similar to Arbalests you encounter on Skywell-27.

Just a wild guess, though.


Had the same issue. Did it twice. Wish I knew what we did wrong.


that’s weird. A few might show up when you fight Wotan (separate from the named squad you fight mid mission).

During the story I think a few showed up at Atlas HQ (the last part of the story mission before you take the elevator up to fight Katagawa). Don’t know if those respawn if you go back–I think instead of troops/Valkyrie’s they have ratch.

There’s one you fight at the end of one of the proving grounds. Forget the name but I think it’s the third trial if you have all six open-the one where it’s all maliwan troops before the final boss.

Daily challenges need more variety. Haven’t seen todays but so far there’s been too many overspheres/vehicle kill challenges .

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Your answers make me think there are effectivily others mobs named “valkyrie”.
I guess in a DLC, perhaps the “Wedding” or the “Western” one.

Don’t remember seeing any there, sorry. Plus, I suspect daily challenges avoid DLC content, since it would make it rather annoying to folks who don’t own them.


I thought that too before remembering you can’t do theses challenges withtout Director’s cut content

The wiki only lists the Valkyrie squad under Maliwan enemies (interestingly though, they are in the “Mech” section instead of the “Notable Units” section where all the other bosses are).

I reckon it might just be bugged. Iirc there was already some weirdness with the Raid Boss weekly where the Valks counted for some players but not for others.


I have the same problem. Smoked the Valkyries and moved on to the next challenge, then noticed it didn’t count.

Did it again and beat Wotan this time. Still didn’t count. I’m not sure if there are other Valkyries somewhere that I’m forgetting about.

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Just to clarify, there are 4 basic kinds of Maliwan mechs:

  • Reapers: the small ones that carry scythes.
  • Hoplites: the small ones that carry guns.
  • Arbalests: the big ones covered in missile pods (for example the Arbalest of Discipline).
  • Valkyries: the big ones with a circular handgun. They look like this:


There should be a few scripted spawns of them during the main story. Outside of that, they might spawn in the Trial of Discipline, but your best bet is the final round of the Slaughterstar.

With that out of the way, yes, it is unfair that the Valkyrie squad doesn’t count.


The problem with the challenge is how it’s worded. It says kill the Valkyries. It doesn’t say kill 3 Valkyries or anything like that. So either it’s referring to the Maliwan Takedown squad, in which case it’s bugged, or it’s referring to every one in the game.

Technically the ones in the Maliwan Takedown are the Valkyrie Squad. I’m guessing this challenge is bugged.


I haven’t checked it, I was basing myself on the OP:


Valkyries in the Slaughterstar 3000 didn’t complete it either. I killed like a half dozen or so i the 5th Round.

Safe to say this Daily Challenge is bugged.


Oh great. Now I can stop while I’m ahead.


A friend killed the Valkyrie Squad this morning in the Maliwan Complex and it counts as one.
I don’t know if it is bugged or if you absolutely need to kill them in solo.
I’ll try that and come back to you.

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Just killed them in solo. The progression is still 0/3. Probably bugged then.
I’m trying Massacrator 3000 now, I’m pretty sure to have seen Valkyrie name somewhere else…

Today’s challenge was bugged too, though not necessarily in a bad way. I completed all three with one character, then when I loaded other characters the kill 15 nogs challenge was shown as 0 out of 15. Didn’t try completing with other characters to see if you can get a double benefit.

Hey guys, I want to clarify for everyone here. It is doable solo, coop, or couch co-op.

It is the Maliwan Takedown, as it does say kill “the Valkyries,” implying to the Valkyrie Squad from MT. In order to progress in it, you have to kill them on TRUE TAKEDOWN MODE. The button on the right side of the door.

Press that and it should turn from a single blue person to multiple red ones, indicating you are on TRUE TAKEDOWN MODE. You will have to do this 3 times. The Valkyrie squad collectively only count as one kill out of the 3. Just quit after you have killed all 3 and restart. Remember to press True Takedown Mode every time for the progress to count.

Hope this helps if it pops up for anyone again :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up on this. At least we’ll know in future.

Now the question is; is it bugged that it only counts on True Takedown or is it poorly worded for not mentioning that it only counts on an optional mode?

For sure bugged because some casual players or some who are new to the game may not be able to do True Takedown :slight_smile: so hopefully they’ll be able to fix that soon.

I don’t know if it is the same for the ones in Guardian Takedown. If so, it will be even harder for those players who are having a difficult time w/ Maliwan Takedown.