Daily challenge - Valkyrie

Did it true takedown, M11, CloneDrone Zane, didn’t register…on the positive side, beat Wotan on M11 true takedown for the first time. That’s the one positive I’ll take away from this daily challenge. Of course, XP is the same on my end (referring to Vault Card XP) regardless of difficulty, so I doubt I’ll be doing that again.


OK. I did ping Noelle with this thread just to raise awareness, but hopefully GBX are also monitoring completion rates for the dailies and notice a trend.

Just throwing my experience on the pile here that the challenge wouldn’t register for me as well.

This wouldn’t surprise me. :upside_down_face: (and BTW I’m having a heck of a time trying to finish off my ‘Kill 250 with a heavy weapon’ weekly challenge—normally I just use Plaguebearers or Backburners as my heavies and no kills with those weapons are registering. Too much elemental stuff going on I suppose. Anyway now I’ve been toting around a 300/90 Nukem and that seems to be doing the job much better.)

(It doesn’t help that I main Moze and she’s got all that extra damage stuff piling on top of base damage…but I’m too lazy to respec all the time heh.)

I’ve been trying different launchers on Zane and Moze. Ion Cannon on Zane with Clone/Double-Up is working fairly well, except when the clone gets rushed by a melee enemy - then self-annihilation with the splash damage is a distinct possibility. Moze tried the new one (Mechanic) and the Moar Kong, but the terrible accuracy on both played havoc with my ammo count, so back to Zane who’s currently working down through Skywell looking for overspheres (accidentally killed Dinkelbot too fast with a single Babymaker reload - what a problem to have!)


Indeed, today my Iron Bear ran out of gas right as I was farming Dinklebot’s spawns and Auto Bear immediately took out poor Dinklebot before I was done. :clown_face:

Well, there’s always the bunch down at the bottom of the giant shaft after the thruster area.

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It is definitely killing the Valks on MTD. I killed them the first time it only countered once. Did it 3 more times because it didn’t register one time. It’s bugged 100%.

This besides the fact it should be “Kill Valks 1//1” not 3/3, but you’d still have to kill all 3 for it to count.

Also “Kill Scourge the Invincible” is one of the option. I think these ones where you kill a boss should give SIGNIFICANTLY more vault XP than say “Kill 10 Skags”. Also you should get a mayhem XP bonus if you do it on higher mayhem levels, because all I end up doing for stuff like “Get 20 kills with Cyclone” is change to m1 and run over skag pups in Droughts.

Don’t you get the boss XP anyway? So the daily challenge should be in addition to that? I mean, I’m seeing my GR bar go up at the same time as the VC one.

Yea but like I could just kill the boss anyway. Like if you are gonna put a hard challenge give a good reward. Giving a dingy reward is like “oh fight Scourge, I don’t feel like doing that whole thing for a measly amount of vault XP” and I just don’t do it. If it were “kill Scourge and get this boatload of XP” I would be all over it every time because now the thing is worth my time no matter when I play.


Damn, well that’s unfortunate. Really thought I figured it out, sorry guys :sweat_smile: It worked for all my friends and I, and a few others. Guess it’s just bugged and causing inconsistency for everyone.

It’d be interesting to know what weapons you were using - there’s still the possibility that it’s something to do with projectile vs. DoT kills.

none of my kills were DoT, while the breath of the dying is a corrosive weapon, it doesn’t cause DoT

I was using U-Rad weapons so I definitely had some DoT. But I used high powered weapons like the monarch, lightshow, reflux, plaguebearer, backburner. Also used the torrent cuz that gun is very fun with the revolter shield.

I don’t think it is a DoT issue in that case. DoT normally counts when you killed a type of enemy.
DoT is a problem about the source of killing. If DoT kills and not a weapon, it is counted “killed by DoT”. That is why it didn’t work with the weekly challenge with Shotgun. Except if your elemental shotgun has enough power to OS the enemy like the Hellwalker.

I have the directors and the other creative team dlc’s.

Today’s (11 Sept 21) challenge to “Kill the Valkyries” did not complete. I killed the Valkyries in the Maliwan Blacksite, and it didn’t complete the challange, so I completed the Slaughterstar 3000 and killed several Maliwan mechs labeled as valkyries but the challenge still did not progress. What am I doing wrong? This happens every time the challenge calls for us to “Kill the Valkyries” on a daily.

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How it’s been counting for me is killing the Valkyrie squad in Mtd on normal 3 times and occasionaly i have to go back when it doesn’t count them but I’m still able to complete the challenge,Cheers

The first time I encountered this challenge, I killed them 3 times with mayhem turned off and once in mayhem one. None of them counted.

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