Daily challenges list

For those still doing daily challenges I put together a list of places you can find the targets
just my favorites yours may vary

Skags devils razor
Spider ants Devils Razor
psychos Ascension bluff
Militants The anvil
hags conrads hold
ratch midnight cairn
nekro bugs minos prime
nogs Athenas
enforcers Athenas
saurians Voracious canopy
jabbers floating tomb then back door to blackburns cellar


Nice List.
These are alternates that I usually do.

Skags - The Droughts

Nekro bugs - Nekrodfeyo

Jabbers - Ambermire

Militants, Psychos, Hags - If I’m not going to the areas you mentioned, I’ll do Slaughter Shaft.

Speaking of the Slaughter arenas; if we have more than one type of COV or Maliwan, I like to go to Slaughter Star/Shaft instead. Achieve 2 challenges in one go and grab that juice chonk of XP. (nom, nom, nom, nom, nom)

Tinks - Trial of Cunning. Same with Badasses (probably any trial would do for them).

Tinks :
Of course here (Carnivora) :sunglasses:

Service bots :
Handsome Jackpot, Spendopticon entrance

Death spheres:
Promethea Skywell 27 where Dinklebot spawns, don’t kill it , it continously summons death spheres!

Anvil where anointed alpha spawns, his clones count as enforcers!


yes i use carnivora for tinks but I use archer rowe and meridian metroplex for service bots
yes and I also use skywell 27 for death spheres

Yup, use all of these as well - La’Cage aux Tinks was my go-to place for this, but then I got tired of going through 3 areas before you get to them. Love the music in there, though. :slight_smile:

Oh, and Guardians - Pyre of Stars/Trial of Supremacy, depends what I feel like.

I just go into Carnivora Guts, then get out and I can go to Cage o tinks without fighting

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interesting I need to try that

For Guardians I pop into the Forgotten Basilica and from there go to Neon Arterial.

I didn’t even think of Pyre of the Stars for Guardians until this past week when we were farming Light Shows for Maurice’s Black Market. (Thanks Maurice!)

@olivier_shady thanks for the trick for Cage o Tinks! I’ll try that :smiley:

Lasodactyl drops light shows like crazy and it is an easy farm

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huh… i’ve had the worst luck with Lasodactyl.

Perhaps I’ll hit it up again when my luck is not paying attention.

when I was farming him I got about one every 3 or 4 runs lootlemon says 33 percent drop rate maybe GB boosted the drop rate

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OK i just tried it run 4 picked up a 29000x4 90 percent accuracy version lvl 72 m10

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Could be… I may well have experienced something as simple as being on the wrong side of the percentage and moved on after a few tries. I mean, that really sounds like me, so it’s a strong possibility :rofl:

It’ll be interesting to hit it up again see it turn around.

not to be a smartass but there are better pistols replay free radical multtap tizzy ps are you mattldm on steam?

I’m not on Steam.

It is a good pistol all the same, my Vladof Moze is having a blast. I just like finding and having them.

Have to agree there it is fun to use