Daily Quests not changing?

On the weekend I tried out a daily quest in Battleborn. I enjoyed it. However, I noticed that one of my daily quests, “defeat rogue battleborn” was something I wasn’t interested in doing. I thought, “no big deal, I’ll check in tomorrow”.

So I tried the next day. The same one was there. And no new ones.

I tried again the next day, assuming that perhaps I hadn’t played more than 24 hours since the refresh of quests. Again, the same one was there and nothing new.

So, what am I missing?

As to why I am not interested in “defeat rogue battleborn”? I prefer PVE. Also, I prefer not having a quest that is so dependent on whether my opponents are playing a certain faction of character.

Edit: I think the problem went away. Saw 3 daily quests available two nights ago. Thought I still don’t understand whether I should expect to see a new one added every day.

The daily quests aren’t actually daily. They will stack up until you clear them (I’ve had up to three showing at once). I’m really not sure why that decision was made at all - the name certainly doesn’t match the implementation.

Anyway, most of the PvP dailies can be completed by playing Bots Battle, which as a fellow PvE player I would encourage you to try. The weekly one is more challenging since the “kill X with ultimate” can currently only be done in PvP versus.

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Agreed. I think they would have done better explaining it as:
Quests are added daily for additional platinum up to a maximum of 3 in your quest queue. If you complete a quest today, a new one will be added tomorrow however only 1 per day are added back to your queue even if you have completed all of them.

Yup, I’ll never get rid of the ones below but I do any new one that shows each day.


That still doesn’t make any sense to me. What am I not getting?

If they are added daily then why don’t I see new ones yet?

The most I’ve seen at once is 2. I beat one, 1 remained, and I came back he next day and the next day. I’ll check again tonight.

Also, does everyone get the same daily quests? It would be weird if everyone at once was playing as a support character, for example, for that daily quest.

I’ve had 3 at a time and do the third one.
Usually it’s complete matches as a certain faction.

Quick question why won’t you ever get rid of these one? IS it because of:

A). You don’t play PvP? If so, Bots battle should be able to solve that.

B). You can’t seem to do it? Go with Orendi or Thorn, their Ults are great for taking out low-hp enemies.

C). __________ (This is a fill in the blank, I love these.)

I’m not sure if it’s on a 24 hour timer or set time so I can’t answer that one, but I normally get mine popping in later at night. You should be getting a new one, again up to 3 max, within 24 hours of completing one.

Not from what I can tell. I believe they’re all random. I had, at one point, a 32 and two 4 platinum dailies while a friend had a 10 and a 4.

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They should be added in daily, I get mine around 8 pm for me, even if I hadn’t completed the last one. If you’re not getting a new one at all, you could try contacting support. They should be able to help you.

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…Correct, currently the bot mode doesn’t support this but they are reporting on changes tomorrow.

Ahh, yeah that sucks, but doing the quests is worth it, mainly for that Main quest. I believe it is 30K credits you get if you complete all the main quests. Which I was stupid enough to spend on Beatrix only to buy the Season Pass 3 days later. Doing both Main and Daily might not look like they are always worth doing, but all those credits and premium will eventually be worth it. Especially the premium for people who don’t want to spend more money on a game that they pre-ordered when it was $60 and now it is $20 or less.

Psst, you should teach me how to quote people like that, I never learned how to.

Just select the text and a quote option comes up.

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Select and click:

It’s sometimes a little finicky when quoting up to the end of the last line for some reason, which is why I selected up to just before the period.

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Thanks, both of you, this will help me. And now I just need to get @EdenSophia to notice me and I will no longer be new to helping in the forums. Is it strange that I see that as the ultimate goal of the forums?


…Nothing here is too strange :smile:

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If it’s strange you want, check out the RTT or Likes threads…

Beware, bitches.

@EdenSophia is overrated. And also curious to see if she gets a notification when she tags herself!

edit: the answer, sadly, was no.


Play ISIC. Quite easy once you hit lvl 5