Daily/weekly challenges and rewards

@Jythri can we get daily&weekly challenges? Rewards could be loot packs that vary on par with difficulty setting, some could be for solo, duo and full groups(including any group over two) that would scale accordingly.

These can be separate from the lore and character unlocks etc…possibly high level challenges and sub missions within the normal campaign to cater to those that have worked themselves out of PVE things to do?

Or character skins could be unlocks as well potentially.

Time trial mode, or an extreme difficulty where there is more shielded enemies or their defense are higher.

Thoughts…and go!!!


I’m down for dailies and weekly challenges. i think gbx could pull it off.

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Would love weeklys. Not yet though, other things need focus.

Like a way to draw the population up a bit by getting people to get on more often? Maybe with weekly challenges? :stuck_out_tongue:


Brilliant :slight_smile:

Its a good Idea for sure.

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There will always be priorities and other things to focus on, agreed. Still though, this would be epic for all of us and keep players who hit 100 and want more to do.

This is a good idea in my opinion. Something (attainable) to do everyday would likely get people hooked by giving them goals that are accomplishable regardless of level. If XP was a reward it would help new players catch up as well with unlocking characters.

This is a great idea. I also think they should get a substantial amount of character xp because those high levels can be pretty tough, and there aren’t many ways to get character xp.

I think first win already have daily challenge element. you can get more credit if you win
weekly or month challenge, player can get skin / taunt / xp / credit / gear
how about ‘challenge only’ skin or taunt?

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That’s brilliant. Dailies are the reason I played way too much hots, and didn’t bother with LoL!

It’s not any more. If you find threads in odd sections, just flag them and the mods can move them.


They can do better than the 20 credits we got for the first win of the day. You need to win 95 days to buy a faction pack with this income.

I’d be all for weekly challenges. And as a secret, the devs could issue the challenges base on data that they were trying to collect.

People are complaining about Attikus? “Get 20 kills as Attikus” and you’ve got a bunch of Thralls on the board.

Though, You’d have to have like 5 or so quests available.

I created the post on my phone, thought I was in general discussion, thanks for catching this!

No problem