Daisy Chain Moze Build with Video! (Consecutive Hits, Deathless, Double Downer)

Well, this build (or some form of it) has been in the works for awhile now. Fun facts!

-This is a Deathless/Bloodletter build. It can be adapted to other mods.

-It actually uses Iron Bear to good effect!

-Consecutive Hits anointment is key! (Really, you are NOT using +125% incendiary /2 mags, nor +160% splash! crazy, I know…)

-Cryo Redistributor or Brainstormer (preferably both) are required!

-Double Downer is a great shield for this build, but others work as well.

-If you would like to play as Moze, have nearly constant 300% or more gun damage, this is for you.

Here is the video link… FOrgot to show gear until the end:
Borderlands 3 Consecutive Hits Deathless Moze Solo Takedown

So I am just going to get into it. Here is the skill spread we are using.

At this point, you are probably thinking, “Cat_Thulhu, Why did you say this is a Bloodletter/Deathless build, when you are clearing specced all the way down Demolition Woman tree, and hardly anything in Bottomless Mags?! Everyone knows BM ,SoR , and Deathless go hand in hand… And Using Consecutive Hits anointment, without BM tree? Insanity…!”

The key here is threefold:

1.) Fire in the Skag Den (FitSD) and Short Fuse (SF) combine to give damage over time (DoT) ticks to anyone hit with weapons or grenades, regardless of whether it is splash damage… Because now, we are doing splash damage.

2.) SF procs Means of Destruction, giving us near infinite grenades, despite not using splash damage weapons.

3.) DoT ticks, regardless of how small, count as damage dealt when it comes to Consecutive Hit anointment. THIS IS HUGE! You do lose stacks of damage from this anointment by missing… you lose damage by not dealing damage. Hence why we are using Redistributors, Brainstormers, and have constant sources of DoT ticks from all of those chains and amped shots… you can reload your guns, as long as you have DoT or grenades dealing damage to something.

This is why in the linked video, you can see constant explosions (SF), constant fire damage ticks (FitSD, and to a lesser extent Cloud of Lead), and constant grenade tossing.

This is also why Demolition Woman is actually the best tree for Consecutive Hits, NOT Bottomless Mags. Bottomless Mags lets you shoot more… it doesn’t necessarily let you cause constant DoT ticks,

Since we are using either Redistributors or Brainstormers as our primary weapons, any of the amped shots or chains will proc SF, FitSD, and MoD on the secondary targets. This gives us near infinite grenades, and near constant +200% gun damage. When stacked with 6/3 Desperate Measures, we are looking at 300% gun damage.

As a result, this build works better, and does more damage, the more enemies we have to proc these things off of.

Since this is a Bloodletter/Deathless build, I do advocate for the Double Downer shield, but I have also been successful with the Big Boom Blaster. Since a Deathless build does not take advantage of the healthgating mechanism, you should plan to go into FFYL. Double Downer helps with that. in fact, in the video I have posted, you will see that the shield not only gives me enough to to get out of FFYL with a kill on Wotan’s legs, but is also giving us +25% gun damage, +150% accuracy and handling while in this state.

To the Last is also a helpful skill here, since we are able to toss grenades that are giving us 25% increases damage for 6 seconds as well, while in FFYL… pretty much when you need it most. The great thing about using the Redistributor is that we can often get Second Winds off of enemies behind us, through walls and corners, even!

Key Skills:

-Cloud of Lead: This skill has always been a Moze staple, but has additional functionality when using a Redistributor: the fourth shot counts as amped, so also ricochets to another target… as well as giving an additional source of small DoT.

-Full Can of Whoop Ass!: Always good for a Deathless build. It will save you, especially since we can actually USE Iron Bear, instead of just jumping out.

-Desperate Measures: It’s a Deathless build. take advantage and get as many points in here as possible! It also increases Iron Bear damage.

-Fire in the Skag Den: Still a kind of lame skill. hence only one point. But it is key as a consistent source of DoT ticks,

-Deadlines, Grizzled, Stainless Steel Bear: I am lumping this all together, because its fairly obvious what they do. However, SSB not only increases Iron Bear damage, but also that of Short Fuse… Kind of a big deal for us, since it procs pretty much all of the time.

-Vampyr: How else are you and Iron Bear going to get health/shields back…?

To the Last: Allows throwing of grenades in FFYL, which as a Deathless build, you will end up in at some point.

Short Fuse: This does a lot for our general DPS, but also procs FitSD, which (need i reiterate again?) causes DoT ticks, which increases our Consecutive Hits stacks.

Please f eel free to ask any questions about the build or video. Some of the gunplay was a little sloppy, but also wanted to give chances for Double Downer to shine. Probably going to come back and clean this post up in a day or two, was pretty rushed today…


I love that Moze can just jump through Wotan’s barrier with Iron Bear and nuke his shield. :smiley:
For the top half you might want to try Hyperfocus. I’ve used it this morning in a Deathless build and it takes it down fairly easily.

How much can the consecutive hits anoint stack? I’m not very knowledgeable about it.

i’m a big fan of this skill setup, as its pretty much my go-to for blast master.

out of curiosity, did you try this with a blast master instead of a bloodletter? you’d wanna change TRL to 2/3 and put the point from it and FCoWA into ingenuity.

the reason i ask is because using the CH anoint to boost gun damage, and then blast master to boost splash damage should make your SF procs a lot stronger.

This was initially a blast master build… I find that since the actual guns aren’t splash, I wasn’t getting much from Blast master. Tried Bloodletter, and it seemed to smooth out a lot of the wrinkles I was having. I think Blast Master and SF is awesome, if the actual gun is also splash, so you are double dipping. Otherwise, it’s… meh. Having the flat +100% from Desperate Measures seemed to increase base damage much more, and the primary goal here was to consistently stack Consecutive Hits.

I would say for mobbing, this build surpasses most Blast Master builds due to the sheer amount of damage being thrown everywhere. However, it is not a meta build, and often falls short on single target damage.

I don’t have a hyper focus with Consecutive Hits.

CH will stack up to 200%.

Redistributor, Brainstormer, and grenades combined with SF and FitSD will get you there in just a few seconds.

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You should try swapping out the Bloodletter for a Green Monster – the damage boost is pretty significant. You can cover for the lost healing by swapping in a BBB for the Double Downer.

So basically replacing the entire DW tree with Green Monster?

Keep that part of the tree. Something more like Chadly’s build:

I’m confused what you mean when you say use BBB to cover for lost healing, I guess? If I still have Vampyr, why would I lose healing?

That Focus Pocus build is basically where I started, give or take a few points. I was not satisfied with the Redistributor on that build, and this was pre-hyperfocus buff… Certainly did not have any with CH.

As it stands, I think this is a Deathless build that may be able to complete unscaled Takedown. We will see.

Changing it to Green Monster may increase damage, I’ll give you that. Would also allow for healthgating. I don’t have any decent Green Monsters currently, but they are easy enough to farm. I’ll look into it.

Instead of using Vampyr to heal your shields, you could could just rely BBB shield boosters – but I mean to imply that you should change your build! It looks like it performs pretty well as is.

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Making things more efficient never hurts.

i don’t think GM is worth the time, frankly. imo, MS and BM are both leagues better than GM for this and would still pair with a CH build like this more effectively. i really don’t think it would improve damage or survivability over bloodletter either.

as you’ve stated before, ramping up the anoint isn’t the problem, so the extra DoT and projectiles from GM aren’t really going to improve that either.

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It never hurts to test…

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