Dakka Bear? Just.. why?

Can anyone explain this skill? This seems like a complete waste of space. Why would I want to spend a point on a skill for someone else to use while I’m in IB? Also, why would someone else want to use your ability instead of their own? I just don’t get this ability. Does anyone actually use this? Even if that is the case…why would you have an ability that requires another player to be used?? I don’t get it.

Well there is this:


People also use it in full Iron Bear builds because you don’t take damage while inside it so you can use it to keep Topped Off going to get IB back sooner. So you would use your full duration then while Auto Bear is active you sit in Dakka Bear and by the time that ends you almost have IB ready.


That’s pretty amusing how they keep swapping to each others bear. I didn’t realize you could use your own during Auto Bear so I guess it does have some use while solo but I can’t see wasting a point as it just seems too situational/lacking compared to other options that would provide more benefit.

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We are quite proud of that run. I built that from the ground up on the green monster to make use of everything I could to turn the team into a devastating force. A similar setup that’s less like this is to build with a Fl4k for red fang, and swap between being a team Bear and being ignored by enemies. There’s quite a few skills throughout the game that are teammate based. Or rather, they’re cool on their own, but their practicality is improved by teammates.

Hidden Machine (Fl4k) and Trick of The Light (Zane) work better when you have teammates to weird out the targeting processes. Moze actually has a few more team ones: Selfless Vengeance, Drowning in Brass, Full Can Of Whoop Ass. They help her too, but Moze is built to be a team player in many ways.


Yeah, I get the skills that have dual purpose (both solo and teams) but the Dakka bear seemed to be only a team skill which is why I thought it was so odd. I guess since you can use it during AB it has some use but doesn’t seem that great. Thanks for the info.

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Only reason I really use it is for the invincibility it gives me on my IB build, giving me time for the cooldown to finish.

I don’t think any legitimate build should be using that skill. It’s more of a “this is fun” kind of thing imo.

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Yeah. That was my impression as well. Unlike the other “team” oriented abilities it has little usefulness outside of that which makes it pretty meh IMO.

If you’re doing a bust-a-bear build it’s fun and silly. If you aren’t doing that, and trying to loop Iron Bear for a full duration build it’s usable albeit not fun. For any other build it’s completely useless.

Are there any other skills in the game that only really work with exploits and crazy mechanics? No way was that intentional, it’s just a filler skill that falls flat.