Dakka Turret Design and Improvement

Hello all

For those of you who have tried the Dakka Turret, may I say for all of you, that this perk is fun but very useless?

I would like to call for a patch to make this design concept actually feasible, doable in actual end game plays.

It is a style that would add tremendous amount of fun to the system.

Right now whether it is Moze herself use autobear to man the turret or a teammate does that, the dps is negligible to the point that nobody would be up there wasting time.

It also has a very bad third person view that we surely hope can be patched.

In the comments below, please voice your opinions and how might we actually make the Dakka operational?

Best wishes to all,
A Random Zane Player

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I could maybe see the Dakka being updated to fire kinetic splash rounds but for a Tier 1 “one-point-wonder”, it’s actually pretty decent as it is.

It’s placement at the tier 1 location in the skill tree limits how effective it should be but even still, I’ve known @sammantixbb and others that have really pushed the limits of its potential. In fact, I think there is a thread here in the Moze sub-forum. Edit: “Bust a Bear Workshop” or something is the thread title, shouldn’t be hard to find.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind it being a bit more effective because it is a very fun and unique skill but I’m just trying to manage my expectations for what it is.

It would be interesting to see like a tier 4 or 5 upgraded version that really rips up though.

The main problem is we have the wrong expectation (at least in this game). I think right now Dakka is ok. It’s not the best (at least how we would want it to be).

I still won’t use it though.

Thanks for the reply.

In fact I agree with a lot of what you said.

The design teams however need to also notice that BL has always been an end-game focused play.

By that I mean, the turret proves no utility even early game, but it should gradually be linked to character development.

For example, the dmg output can be scaled better.
Also, it can be associated with player weapon.
Hell, just attach the player weapon on the bear when in turret. Sort of like the Vehicles backsitters.

There might be a viable play that will not be too strong as a tier 1 but simply add utility.

Zane Player

Make sure your Moze partner specs for Crit Damage and hit crits. The gun has comparable damage to a standard AR, which it’s classified as.

Last night, Valkyries solo, I killed two of them in the final phase with Dakka.

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