Dakota Dlc3 Semi quest reward? Questions what was ur version like? No ricochets?

So i always been a fan of weird quest items that rock.

The dakota is strong its not trash… But well… It sucks cuz ur limited to once per play through so ur stuck with whatever anoint… Like airborne sntnl reload speed etc.

What parts or variants Do you guys have? Is it only 3k near 4k x7?

Is it bugged by not richochetting?

if I had know the reward I d have made a save backup, well live and learn that will be for the next playthrough.As for the parts I think they are fixed, lucky that this one comes anointed ( I think that fixed parts probably bug and result in most quest rewards non anointed)

The one on lootlemon is identical minus anoint. It does not ricochet, lootlemon said so as well

I make it a habit now to do a save backup before any suspected end fight or quest reward turn in.

It has worked out well :slight_smile:

I’m not certain I have seen it anointed. I’ll have to check the bank. No other quest reward was anointed for me at M10 in the DLC.

For me the quest rewards following the rule annunced by gb of m10 gear being always anointed are so far:

Beans quest reward

Elixir quest reward:

Story reward

The ones that are bugged ( not anointed in m10)
Pea shooter
The chalice

Bubble blaster

The beast


You are right! Just checked my bank and my Dakota is anointed :slight_smile:
The others you mention are all unanointed. Haven’t gotten an icebreaker yet. Did get the core grenade and it is also anointed, my bad.

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As I thought the Dakota is identical, only anoint varies

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I predict some creative save management on my next playthrough :wink:

I think the dakota is pretty sick… It just feels in a good place not.mega op but very good. Its sad ig outclasses alot.of.legendary shotguns pre dlc.

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Dude thats so wrong that they arent anointed…

So everyones getting random anoints onky everyones dakota is the same?

Was hoping for a lil variation.

The thing is that through the course of my playthrough through the DLC I got 2 Dakota with the same anointment. I must have gotten both from enemies as my Lost Loot machine spew them out for me. So there is some sort of source for it. My guess is that it comes from the last boss(es).


Pretty shure its chest loot/chest bugs but pickup quits can cause it to pop out like other things… I dunno how to do that reliably.

I like the feeling of a full auto jakobs with juicy extra elemental shots that kick some serious ass. I want Fl4k to have a good anoint version of this

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You can farm the Dakota using Photo mode if you haven’t completed the mission. If you already have just start the DLC on NVHM or TVHM then run straight the town bank.Save quitting makes it respawn.
Dakota farming


Thats a massive help dude thankyou!

be wary that was stealth fixed the chest does not respawn anymore or if it does it is not immediately .It may be related to whether or not you have the ability to instantly respawn red chest, some people have it others like me have not, however as the chest purely and simply disappear on reload it is a long shot

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It still works, it’s just gonna be part of the glitch that’s been around forever that my Amara can’t farm red chests, but my FL4K and Moze can. Just farmed it a couple dozen times getting some good anoints for my FL4K, about an hour ago.

Got all trophies for the DLC and could swear that I put every single quest reward in the bank but I have no Dakota.