Damagable Turrets inside base hods?

I’m trying to wrap my head around something with turret subsystems

A “System” subsystem can have a collision/selection mesh .subs and .hod, with the actual graphical mesh being inside the ship that is damageable and the subsystem controlling if the effect is active or not, can the same be done with a turret?

we can have a couple different types of subsystems:

I’m assuming that Weapon provides all of the code hooks for the animation

this entry seems to be just for text and has no functional meaning

the substyem also it can be listed as inate,which Believe bitvenom said that damage contributed to the parent ship not to the subsystem, only one weapon system has this set, the Vgr BC heavy missile launcher

THese entries are what controls the subsystem life time

has anyone made an animated turret that is graphically on the base ship hod with a damageable sub tied to it?

Could this be done by having two turrets on top of one another, a visual one inside the HOD and an invisible one as a subsystem?

I don’t think the rotation and elevation animation would be linked then?

You could slave one to the other?

hmm trying to think how that would work? would this mean that I would need a turret sub unique for each turret?

Actually I’m not sure you can slave subsystem turrets to ship mesh turrets.

Maybe your best bet would be to make the subsystem turrets without barrels, so it doesn’t matter that they don’t rotate and elevate with the visible turrets…