Damage application questions

Hi all.
I have a couple of questions to understand the mechanics of certain damage which will help me search for the right gear.
For perspective I play deathless Moze with Urad annointed weapons.

  1. How exactly does the Urad annointment apply damage? Is it based off the base damage of the weapon? The reason for the query is that if I use a Kinetic or Cryo weapon this would mean the radiation bonus would be higher than the other elements?
  2. If I had an artifact that had for example additional Cryo damage as a bonus roll and was using a Cryo weapon, would this bonus also transfer across to the radiation damage? My thought here is that if it did, a Cryo roll would be a better roll than radiation damage roll as it also covers both.
  3. Does the above question 2 also apply to the bonus fire from Moze’s skill tree for the main weapon element?
  4. Will additional annointment radiation damage also boost the skill tree fire bonuses or is it just the main weapon element?

My reasons for the above questions is I suspect Cryo is the best elemental weapon when using Urad as the allrounder if you didn’t swap guns to suit an enemy. It’s 10% base damage increase over the other elements makes it catch up to them and if the radiation bonus is therefore more it becomes quite an attractive option. I then want to know what the best bonus roll would be on my artifact. If I stuck to Cryo and got a Cryo damage bonus roll that also boosted radiation and possibly even fire.
I’ve actually been using Cryo Urad for some time now and it’s awesome. I destroy enemies very quickly but then again Moze is strong so it would be good to know the above to see if I’m on the right track or not.

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Here is a very in depth guide


The bonus elements section, Universals subsection states Urad will “Receives boosts from Damage Source Type damage (like Melee, Grenade and Action Skill damage).” It doesn’t mention Artifact bonus rolls but this suggests to me that using a Cryo Urad weapon and having an artifact with a Cryo damage roll will also boost the Urad damage. Therefore that is a better roll than a Cryo Urad weapon and artifact that has a radiation damage roll.
Is that how you understand this bit?

  1. Yes, it’s based off base damage. A Cryo or Kinetic gun will have higher base damage, and the URad will use that as base. However that doesn’t make them necessarily the best at it, it will depend on scenario.

  2. Elemental Damage rolls will only boost the damage of that type. Increasing the Cryo damage of the main gun will have no effect on the URad or the fire.

  3. and 4. Those skills are also based off the base damage from the main weapon hit. URad won’t apply to them. It does apply to Short Fuse, because that creates another damage source (the explosion).

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Awesome answer! Thanks that’s cleared it up brilliantly!

Just had another query. Since a class mod with a bonus stat of SMG damage will boost the Urad and skill tree components, will the roll of ‘weapon damage’ and ‘weapon critical damage’ do the same?

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Weapon Damage will affect any bonus elements applied to the weapon, as will Crit Damage (including Manufacturer Crit).

Sorry for the late answer.

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Thanks for confirming. Cheers.