Damage bypassing shield

Playing on mayhem 4 I’ve noticed that im going down on a single shot but had full shield and health. And I’ve actually watched my health bar taking damage while my shield bar is full and not moving. On some occasions the shield was actually recharging while I was taking health damage. Is this a glitch, modifier, or the shield I am using (which is a recharger.)?

I had the same problem when using a gun with a shield while crouching. It seems to be a bug. Put that gun away and restart the game.

I had this happen yesterday, could not figure it out. Was getting one shot with full health and shields; so healthgating was not working correctly. Figured I was just not paying attention, but it happened multiple times…

The blades from cov cyclones have this property, one single blade can one shot you and ignore health gating. I think tink spheric elemental bomb have a similar property.

Could it have been self-damage? The damage you deal outscales your health by a lot on max level and self-damage isn’t actually subject to health-gating

No. Was using a Woodblocker, running and gunning. No way to deal self damage.

I use Fl4k with wedding invitation queens call and speed loading hellwalker. Not sure if I could do self damage. My grenade is it’s piss not much of a splash radius on that one.

Yeah, the wi causes self damage from the ricochet and can instantly put you in ffl. Be careful when in close quarters.

Wedding Invitation will WRECK you at close range, the splash damage does self damage