Damage cards wrong on Lasersploder and Ion Laser?

Both the Double Penetrating Lasersploder and the Binary Ion Laser show less damage than other variants like an x2 version should…but are missing the x2 on the card.

Both say consumes two ammo per shot.

Is this a bug and ACTUAL damage is 2x the value on the card?

Otherwise…why on earth have either of these versions? Twice the ammo for LESS damage.

Does not make sense.

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They tick twice as fast. Fire rate makes no sense with laser guns they have tick rates. For example long musket ticks faster than laser sploader but fire rate is not that different

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DP Laser sploder deals around 1k dmg and single one around 700. So it works as intended.

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It does hit more often, it’s just not creating an entirely new laser (probably because that would be weird and hard to animate). But rest assured, you do actually get more damage for more ammo.

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Anyone tested a Binary Ion Laser?

Do you get double the damage from the explosive rounds after continuous fire (approx 4 seconds of continuous fire) ?

If so…wow!