Damage increase after Rakk Attack / Action Skill End

Good evening boys and girls… Any difference between these two modifiers?

Only 1 is Flak specific, on ASE is used by anyone.

Ok cool… but as for damage differentials they act exactly the same correct?

If the % is the same, won’t make any difference.

Excellent… thank you

My apology… one more question. The Rakk attack anointment is specific for the enemy being attacked. So on ASE , does the damage increase apply to the attacked enemy by your Rakk or any enemy.

I’m not sure, I’d have to test with and without the annointed gear to see if it affects the rakks themselves

Just curious thanks.

Apparently others are wondering as well. Looks like good info but I’m off to sleep. Just wanted to pass it on for those curious.


There’s a couple of differences between the modifiers.

The Rakk Attack anointment is for 100% of weapon damage on enemies damaged by your Rakks for 5 seconds. This anointment is added to the weapon itself.

The Action End anointment is for 50% elemental damage added to any weapon you are using for 10 seconds. This anointment is added to non-gun items like shields and grenades. When it’s added to a grenade you do not have to use the grenade for the effect to work. Simply have it equipped.

With the Action End anointment, the elemental damage does not stack, so you don’t want to use both a fire grenade and fire shield anointment at the same time. You can use a shock grenade and fire shield and those will both cause damage, but you can’t do double damage with a single element.

If you’re using a Rakk Attack build, you want both of these anointments on your gear. Then spam your Rakk Attacks, and you’ll have both elemental damage anointments running all of the time, and every enemy hit with a Rakk takes 100% damage. If you can then get the R4KK P4K class mod that splits your Rakks into 2 more that seek other targets on a successful hit then you’ve got a mob clearing monster build.


@moustangman There is also an anointment that boosts weapon damage by 100% on ASE. That is what the OP is asking about.

OP, AFAIK and from my testing, the anointments for 100% upon ASE and 100% after damaged by Rakks work exactly the same in terms of damage multiplier. The only difference is when the anointment takes effect. Technically the damage anointment on ASE begins when the Rakks return to Fl4k. The damage increase after being damaged by Rakks begins at the time the enemy is damaged.

I am not sure exactly how long each anointment effect lasts and whether one lasts longer than the other. I have not tested that.

I prefer the 100% weapon damage on ASE over the Rakk damage one because the damage is general for all enemies, as opposed to specific to one enemy.

But someone can feel free to correct me on all of the above if I am wrong.

Ahh, sorry.

That one is “for a short time” which is basically 1-3 seconds, randomly calculated at the time it kicks in. Maybe slightly better in mobbing since it works on more enemies, but slightly worse with bosses since it’s more likely to run out before you’ve killed the boss.

After spending the entire past week farming, I’m now running a full Rakk Attack build. I prefer the Rakk Attack anointment because with heavy use of the Rakk Attacks it’s always active and with the Rakk Pack class mod there’s always multiple enemies taking the 100% weapon damage. Just to test the effectiveness of the build I went through the entire Cistern of Slaughter on M3 and farmed the final level for four hours without dying on accident once, using only an anointed Maggie, Recurring Hex, and no other weapon.

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I have only ever played Rakk Fl4k so I am glad to see that build finally getting some love. As an alterntive to what you have stated, one of the reasons I prefer the 100% on ASE is that I run Rakkcelerate and Eager to Impress, so I always have tons of Rakk charges and cooldown, so I like to be able to spread the weapon damage love. LOL But I do understand why you like the Rakk damage anointment with the R4kk P4kk COM. I just don’t like that COM that much, the skills are kind of meh. Or maybe I just haven’t gotten a good one yet. :man_shrugging:

What kind of tests did you do? I feel like they are different somewhere but I’m trying to ditch assumptions

Demonite covered the rakk attack anoint in his video on FL4K’s damage bonuses, it is multiplicative to many of FL4K’s damage skills but also additive to a few such as Hidden Machine. It is also still a gun specific anoint, it doesn’t debuff the target for teammates, etc, which I will sometimes see folks saying. I double checked most of what Demonite said plus he knows what he’s doing

I would have thought that +100% weapon damage was additive gun damage but I had someone who is reliable tell me that it was multiplicative to some gun damage bonuses like the one on class mods. So not sure what’s with that

And then of course I have no idea how these interact with elemental damage anointments either

It’s gonna take a lot of verification and math to get a comprehensive view of it and I have mostly seen bits and snatches of it tested

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We have only had the dummy for a couple weeks now and I have not tested it directly on that. I only know what I have seen in my mobbing runs. So to be fair, I guess I should have said my testing was running the two in comparable mobbing situations. I did not test on the dummy. For mobbing versatility, I prefer the 100% on ASE. Just as a contrast I will say that even if I had tested on the dummy, the actual test is mobbing in game and what is more useful.

I do not know if the Rakk anointments apply to coop partners, as I mostly only play solo.

But you make good points, some of what I said definitely was subjective and had some personal preference in there. I never mind someone pointing out where I have not been objective.

This is all very helpful lads. The length of duration on ASE vs RaKK attack anointments would be interesting to nail down. Also I found interesting the notion that on ASE it is necessary to have the Rakk’s return rather than the initial hit to activate as is the case with Rakk attack. I have many Rakk anointed and ASE anointed with 100% damage modifiers. Trying to figure out which is better utilizing the new RA4k Pak mod is quite confusing to be honest. Thanks, not just for me but others scratching their heads…your input is greatly appreciated.

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The is a difference inhow the damage increase is calculated with the 100% ASE and the 100% after R4kk :

R4kk anoint is calculated in the V2 and the ASE is in the gun damage portion.

So you get more damage with the R4kk anoint in general, but both are usable :slight_smile: You will use 100% ASE with something like a Brainstormer because it’s more conveniant, but use the R4kk one with single target weapons.

A video to explain it :

Well that makes sense as the Rakks disburse randomly. When I send them it’s hard to see which enemy they hit unless your in close proximity. At that point the Rakk attack anointment on your chosen weapon can be directed at the enemy taking the damage. It feels as if the Rakk attack generally speaking was not designed for distanced enemies where one might use a Sniper rifle for example.

ASE applies only to your weapon. Rakk applies to all sources (grenade, melee, other players).

They can work with a sniper riffle but you have to be careful that there is no enemy between you and your target or they might touch them before and then end up not touching your target^^