Damage modifier question

Can someone explain some numbers to me? I’m playing Sal using only Jakobs to get the multiplicative crit bonus. If it’s relevant, this is my current build

I can’t understand why my target dummy body shot is higher than the damage listed on the card :

Rex - card damage states 5963 / dummy body shot 7188 / dummy crit 25367 (Gunzerking crit w/ Diaub 59529)
Diaub - card damage states 6806 / dummy body shot 8124 / dummy crit 45300 (Gunzerking crit w/ Rex 67949)

My questions are :
1 : why do I get more body-shot damage than what is stated on the card? ( and where is the number coming from? )
2 : where is the the crit number coming from? ( there is no even-numbered calculation that gets me from 5963 or 7188 to 25367 )
3 : what is the formula that gets the gunzerking crit? ( i.e. from 25367 to 59529 with the Rex )
4 : not a question. Statement : holy crap! I’m getting 10x the damage from card to GZing crit!


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Damage formula:

Not sure if any of the skills you’ve selected will also boost damage and crit damage, but your BAR stats will (if you have them turned on). The card damage doesn’t include those boosts.


That’s it : BAR has skewed the numbers. Thanks , I’ll do it again.

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