Damage Reduction Gear

My understanding is that damage reduction reduces the damage you receive before it is applied to shields and health. If this is correct, then a 5% damage reduction means that a player that has 2000 health and shields combined would take 2100 damage before dying. Since ~5% is the best damage reduction item that I have seen so far, it would be the equivalent of 100 health or shields to a character with 2000 health and shield. Am I understanding this correctly, because it appears that the damage reduction gear is absolute rubbish? I have many shield items that add 140 to shields or health items that add 280 to health, so why would I want to waste a slot on damage reduction?

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Combining several with the right character can create a big buff though. For miko I ran a build that had 10% total damage reduction and 200~ shield. Self healing, the large shueld and that damage reduction made me very hard to kill.

Damage reduction can be better if you have a competent support/healer or two, since it lets you take more damage without giving you any additional health. That means it’s faster to heal you to full, but it has a similar effect as if you had additional health, but to a slightly smaller extent. It also lets you crank out some additional damage out of Reyna’s shield, which is especially good if you’re Eldrid and need to make the most of the shield so your health remains untouched.

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If you have a healer it’s even better to have +incoming heal gear giving you upto +14% to incoming heal as a main stat and +9.8% as a secondary. While max damage reduction as main stat is only 5.6% and 2.8% as secondary.

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I run Damage Reduction on El Dragon, his lv5 helix provides 30% damage reduction while the gear I use provides about 10%, and in my opinion 40% total along with max health and life steal is definitely warranted. He turns from one of the most squishy characters into practically unkillable. I don’t think Healing Received or Max Shield is worth it, because my shield will often be down as a melee, and I hate relying on having a support for gear to be worthwhile.

I would expect damage reduction gear to only be useful on characters that have a fair bit already.


But it does still provide an effective health bonus without a healer. It’s more like having both, just to a weaker degree at each end.
I’m also fairly sure damage reduction scales multiplicatively with both of those stats, but each only scales additively with themselves, and independently with each other.

Rendering it less effective as +heal or +health/shield in most cases.

But I agree, if a hero already has some damage reduction, and if gear damage reduction adds to it directly (e. g. 30% + 5,6% = 35,6%), it becomes pretty good, I suppose. I even think gear’s damage reduction value is so low exactly because of this - to avoid making such heroes immortal.

You are wrong with your calculation. The Formular for damage reduction is:
(Hp+Shield) / (1-damagereduction)
This formular gives you the actual hp you got. In your example:
2000 / (1-0.05) = 2105 hp
You calculated 2000 * 1.05 = 2100, what is drastically wrong. With your way of calculating, damage reduction doesn’t Stack. Imagine having 50% damage reduction. With your calculation it would be 2000 * 1.5 = 3000, but half the damage means double the hp:
2000 / (1-0.5) = 4000.
Damage reduction doesn’t stack linear. The more you got, the more it increases your hp. Also it boosts shields, healing and Regeneration at the same Level. Damage reduction is insane. Here’s an example:
With Boldur’s Rage he has 35% Dr, plus 15% via Skill mutation = 50%. This means double the hp. Then he already has 100% more hp. Lets add 5% and keep the 2000hp:
[2000 / (1-0.5) = 4000hp]
2000 / (1-0.55) = 4444hp
The additional 5% added 11.1% hp. Not 5%.
With my 8% Dr item on Boldur i get 58% Dr. That’s 138% more hp + his overshield + his Regeneration.

In the end it’s not about the 5% Gear, but the whole damage reduction. I’d really like to know what is the maximum damage reduction in this game, and I’d love to have the gear for it :slight_smile:

Here’s a table, all with 2000hp
0% = 2000
5% = 2105
10% = 2222
15% = 2353
20% = 2500
25% = 2667
30% = 2857
35% = 3077
40% = 3333
45% = 3636
50% = 4000
55% = 4444
57.33 = 4687 // highes i’ve reached
65% = 5714
70% = 6667
75% = 8000
80% = 10000

Also, with Boldur i can reach 3434hp + 14hp/s Regeneration. I mean, i don’t even need a healer


…Person with brains in their head :smile:

We really need a way to test dmg in the game, Unreal tools are fair but Gbox has ‘heavily modded’ the code.

I’m on ps4 and can only Test in-game. But that damage reduction thing is working. You can easily attack 3 enemies with Boldur alone. You won’t kill them, but you distract half of the enemy Team and get away alife 90% of the time, Thanks to his Shield.
Man i love Boldur :smiley:

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@Karkan nailed it :hammer:

But also like was said, damage reduction is better on high-health targets. The only one that I really play in that line is Montana, but an extra (5.6/94.4)% “health” on 3000+ ain’t bad (about 175).

To reiterate the formula for the bonus:
Bonus = Health * (DR / (1-DR))
// Where DR is the damage reduction percentage.

just wait until u run into a good boldur who knows how to use rage and damage reduc/shield/hp regen.

literaly impossible to kill even with 5 people shooting at him

[quote=“Karkan, post:9, topic:1517886, full:true”]Damage reduction doesn’t stack linear. The more you got, the more it increases your hp. Also it boosts shields, healing and Regeneration at the same Level. Damage reduction is insane.

Damage reduction can be insane. Because BB uses linear contribution rather than the weird DR curve that BL did/does (50% DR reduces damage by 33% and 100% DR reduces damage by half? wut? yes, I know the formula and how it’s used, but that’s just incredibly counterintuitive), low amounts of DR start off contributing little and, when you get really high, starts being utterly absurd.

Continuing your 5% contributions, going from 80->85% DR is an improvement of 33%, going from 85->90% is an improvement of 50%, and going from 90->95% is an improvement of 100%. This means that, if you could stack up 90% DR, the next 5% you can manage will contribute as much to your survivability as the entire previous 90%.

DR stacking linearly is insanely good (which is actually why most games that I know of use a DR curve of some kind to prevent it from getting out of control; BB might not have that problem because, from a balance perspective, they’ve got very good control over who gets what and how much it provides).

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To have an real equivalent of the 5.6% damage reduction given by an item, here is what yo uwould need by using other buff :

+5.6% health
+5.6% shield maximum
+5.6% health regen
+5.6% healing received
+5.6% overshield value received (from Reyna or from the Shepherd or from a pick up)
+5.6% shield regen rate
+5.6% value for any skill that absorbs damage (physical shield, rotating wards, and so on)*

So … yeah, you can have vastly better health bonus by taking a +health item. You can have a vastly superior healing received by taking a specific item. You can have a vastly superior bonus to your maximum shield value by using a battery, to your shield regen rate by using a generator or whatever it’s called, a better regen bonus , and so on.

But. the damage reducton do aaaall of those at the same time with one single line.
So obviously, YES, the % value is inferior. if it wasn’t it would be absolutely vastly superior in use to any other defensive stat. + remember, the more damage reduction you stack, as wel las the more other defensive stat you have aside that, the more ridiculous this becomes.

*Not sure for the last one,depends if the DR is applied on the incoming damage before or after those damage absorption skills.


Excellent! Thank you for you precise explanation. What this shows, though, is that, as others have said, damage reduction gear is not worthwhile unless you have a character that already has some form of damage reduction. If the only damage reduction that is available to you is a ~5% piece of gear, then you are better off going with a battery or a vest.

Sure. But with just items, Trickster’s Painkiller gives 5.6% + 2.8% after skill activiation
Tough tuf-stuff combat mesh for +280 health and 2.8% DR after being CC’d
And then Hardening Rejuvinex for 7 HP/s and 2.8% DR

A total of 15.6% DR is still about an effective 18% boost across all defensive stats. not too shabby.

Note to self, put all those items on my Montana…

[quote=“zefyris, post:15, topic:1517886, full:true”]+5.6% health
+5.6% shield maximum
+5.6% health regen
+5.6% healing received
+5.6% overshield value received (from Reyna or from the Shepherd or from a pick up)
+5.6% shield regen rate
+5.6% value for any skill that absorbs damage (physical shield, rotating wards, and so on)*

First off, because of how DR works, the benefit of DR isn’t simply 5.6%. In reality, 5.6% DR means you’re taking 94.4% of damage you would have taken otherwise, which translates into needing 5.9% of those values to equate (1 - (1 / (1-.994))).

Secondly, it’s not always going to be that same value. Because DR is subtracted rather than multiplied, getting that same 5.6% DR while you already have 50% DR is going to be twice as valuable as it is.

Honestly, DR gear generally isn’t worth it unless you’re getting DR from other sources (like on Boldur) and/or have a crapton of hp/shield/etc already (in which case the % increase is going to be worth significant more and begin to compete with the flat values).

Yes, but this applies to everything :wink:
You have to improve, what is already good. Like healing power of Miko, Shield on Kleese, … and damage reduction on Tanks

Those are the stat with 0% DR, since the answer that some peoples were giving is that it’s only usefull if you have more than that. Which I disagree completely. Btw yes so that’s even better , it does 5,9% if you have no other DR.
Pretty good bonus ImO. The
+5,9% health
+5.9% shield maximum
+5.9% healing received
alone is definitely worth it.