Damage reduction or not?

I’ve been musing about this for a while, and wonder how BL3 is going to handle this.

As we all know, differences in levels between the V.H. and opponents result in damage reduction, if you’re too low a level your guns don’t hit as hard.
Seems simple, and it’s easy to implement.
But it has always seemed wrong to me. Why is a gun affected by level differences? It still fires the same slug, with the same velocity, whether you’re 3 feels below or 3 levels above.
What’s a solution?

I think the level difference should be expressed as something directly character related, not gun damage related.

There are many parameters that could be adjusted based on the character’s level difference that make more sense to me.

For example, reduce accuracy. Against a higher level opponent your accuracy falls off, you’re not as able to handle the movement or other behaviors of a higher level opponent, heck, you can’t crit. Weapon sway, reload speed, perhaps even movement speed during combat are other attributes of the character not the weapon that could be reduced to more “realistically” reflect a V.H.s reaction to a higher level opponent, and would achieve similar results to simply lowering damage.

Would the difference be due to shield strength? Would higher level enemies have better shields thus take less gun damage regardless of the gun stats?

That’s certainly a reasonable explanation, but still puts the D.R. in the realm of equipment changes, not V.H. behavior.

I’m not into realism in games, these changes sound like fighting higher level enemies will just become a huge slog. I agree it’s nice to have more to fighting higher level enemies then damage, but adding mechanics/more RNG that directly impacts how you control your character is just annoying and players will most likely resort to very specific strats to overcome this (Grenade spamming, action skill spamming, tediore reload spamming…)
Instead, just give enemies more complex weapons (or behaviors) as they level. Some high ranking goons may use these secondary fire modes from vladof weapons for example, while low level goons only use the primary fire.

That would be interesting and would address the issue well also.