Damage reduction?

Does anyone know if the negative stat Damage Reduction affect skill damage? Or does it only affect your basic attack? I got a mod that says +8.12% Attack Damage +4.64% Attack Speed -4.64% Damage Reduction.

Furthermore if your skill is a healing ability will skill damage+ increase the healing output?

My understanding is that damage reduction is damage from all sources. Skill damage won’t affect your self heal ability, only healing received will increase that.

Okay thanks for the reply, sounds like that mod isn’t too great.

Way I understand it, Damage Reduction isn’t the damage YOU do, it’s the damage everyone else DO TO YOU.

In short, it means you will be taking more damage from all sources. It’s probably indeed one of the worst negative to get on an item, even if 4.64% is still veeeery low and for it to really matter, you would have to take damage that would otherwise be very concerning in the first place ( I mean, from a standard 1000 damage taken you would only get a “bonus” 46 damage. If you are taking 1000 damage in one shot or very quick, you are probably in a bad place anyway :stuck_out_tongue: )

As for heal, I indeed think +Damage doesn’t affect it at all, only other players “heal received” and your own “heal power”.

Ah okay so I take more damage, is 4% a lot of extra damage? A mod with attack damage and speed seems extremely useful. Maybe as a ranged damage dealer that mod would be good?

As said above, a negative damage reduction stats implies that you will take more damage, and doesn’t influence the damage you deal.

Yup, that’s what I said, maybe in a way too much circumvoluted way. :wink:
-%DamageReduction does imply you take more damage from all sources. It’s one of the few negatives that is annoying to all characters ( as opposite to, say , -shield which won’t affect Eldrid characters ), meaning it’s one of the most annoying to get on an item, meaning in turn it probably has a big impact on activation cost.

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My bad I completely read that wrong. Yeah so negative damage reduction means you take more, does that seem worth it for the attack speed and damage boost?

I guess it depends on the character…

One thing I have yet to grasp is how +%attack speed work. In short, does it benefit slow or fast characters better. It’s just how the numbers are handled, but I don’t know yet. My own experience with OTHER games is that the slower the character, the higher the bonus. But I have a feeling Battleborn is working the other way shrug
Likewise, attack damage probably won’t benefit enough a character with low damage on his primary and secondary attacks ( it doesn’t affect skill damage, but there are a few exceptions ! )
And if you’re playing a character who often has to take risks, taking even more damage might not be a good idea ( even if that -4.64% isn’t THAT high ).

I guess it could benefit a character like Marquis who tend to fire slowly for high damage, and tries to stay mostly out of harm’s way. I guess it could also benefit a high-risk Phoebe, but it’s high-risk.
Orendi would probably want to avoid that since she got the lowest health pool and shield of the cast, but I don’t play Orendi. Montana would probably NOT be a good choice either, since his strength is in his resistance, but he doesn’t hurt that much with each hit - it’s just that he hits a lot.

It really depends on the character you intend to play with, in the end :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you look at the damage most players do taking 4-5% more damage really isn’t that much. Most ranged characters do about 30-70 damage per shot (snipers do more) but 4-5% of 70 is only 2.8 more damage at the most. IDK what damage melee characters average. Snipers (Marquis, Thorn, Toby) do more damage I think above 100 per shot so with them you will take more than 4-5 points of extra damage per shot. I really don’t think you will notice much of a difference when they use their primary attacks.

Skills will do about 12-25 extra damage, I think most skills that damage do about 300-500 damage. Again barely noticeable. You will most likely run into those “Close ones” though where you only have about 35 health left, but these skirmishes are pretty rare from my experience without taking more damage.

I think that gear is actually probably worth it.

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Sounds like a typical “berserker” perk in other games (i.e., you deal X% more damage and take y% more damage). It could be really nice on pure damage dealers!

Yeah it’s a bit confusing. It really benefits heroes who either rely on their basic attacks to deal lots of damage, or have skills based on attacks. For example Alani’s attacks build up her healing ability on Wellspring, as well as other effects based on your helix build. Faster attack speed on her is really good.

ISIC is another good example, his basic attack does more damage with charged shots. His skills also get a buff when activating them with a charged shot. Attack speed increases the speed of charging his weapon. Thorn and Benedict deal heavy damage with a low rate of fire so the extra DPS from attack speed doesn’t hurt but it’s not a massive difference or importance as some other characters. It’s usually preference, but yeah extra DPS is always nice.