Damage Stats On Some Inventory Weapons Reduced?

So, just loaded up my game and was looking through my inventory to see if there was anything that I had forgotten to sell last night.

I noticed that the damage on a fair amount (but not all…?) of my weapons in my backpack Inventory had been reduced.

For example, my Atlas Cost-Effective Optimized Q System used to do 119x2 damage and now only does 99x2.

My Dahl Adapting Disciplined Hyena used to do 50x2 damage and now only does 45x2.

Among a good amount of other weapons.

Has this happened to anyone else?

And does anyone know why it happens?

Thanks very much in advance!

It jumps around the place for me going up and down randomly, i wouldn’t worry about it

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I do believe they also did a balance pass on some weapons. Patch notes tell which ones, snipers,ars and pistols got changed a bit. Maliwan also.

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Frustrating, but fair enough, I suppose.

I definitely saw the infamous “Updates available” Hotfix message when I signed in today.

EDIT: Thanks @Eg.Angel & @cc_construction76

then u probly jumped in the game before the game could load them thus none was applied there are a few ways to tell if this has happend one being the updates available msg…or if u play fl4k look at the GITM skill an see how many seconds it says more than 5 the hotfix hasn’t been applied…so it could have been the # dmg before they buffed them with the hotfix…hope that helps u out man…



Thank you!

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