Damien Azreal's random drawings of... randomness

Don’t really have a lot to show at the moment, but the most recent drawing I did is right here…

Yes. Ketchup VS Mustard.
Drew it at work while on lunch… sitting in the break room… with nothing to look at but a ketchup bottle.
I’ll get some more stuff I’ve drawn recently scanned and up.


hehe… Cool stuff! Will be interesting to see it in color :Ъ

I rather like it, actually.

OMG dude! Don’t keep me in suspense!! Who wins?

Nice work!

Considering Mustard has been torn up by a lead milkshake, I’d safely say Ketchup.

Sweet work!

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I just noticed the “M” & “K” on the arm - my bad!!

Seriously though - Mustard had no chance - he looks unarmed!!

Do more condiments at war!

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If he wasn’t unarmed before, he will be now: his left arm is nearly gone!

This is beautiful. I think I might cry.

I was going to draw Mustard dropping a gun or something… but, figure… eh.

Relish v mayo!!!

Seriously though, really cool work, DA!

Sorry but this is just absurd.

No way is Ketchup better than mustard in or on anything. ANYTHING!

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Agreed. I used to like Ketchup when I was younger, but now mustard trumps it. Always.


Creole, Dijon, Romanian, spicy brown, whole grain, German, hot, English…

So many great varieties. The only ketchup options are choice of spelling.

Edited to add apology for thread hijacking.

I quite like Dijon and whole grain, but I haven’t tried an English mustard that I’ve really enjoyed. Sometimes when I’m in a restaurant and they have sachets of English mustard, I try some with my chips and I always feel that they still taste bland. Sometimes I want them to knock me over and go for horseradish instead but sometimes I come up disappointed and end up opting for Mayonaise instead. Still enjoyable, but I wanted something with more kick to it. Thankfully I do come across a nice batch of mustard or horseradish that just scratches that itch.

Sorry, I’ve never liked mustard.
I’m not big on ketchup either, but I’ll use it. Mustard just… no.

But, I’ve got a couple other drawings I’ve done recently… I’ll see about getting then scanned and put up.

So where are they? sorry I’m lurking on all of the old posts

Here. Here they be…

First one, I didn’t finish. Got so far… then got distracted by something else. Nothing special.

Second one, started drawing a really simple knife at work while bored. Then, upped the knife a bit… and thought “Why not do a reflection on the blade…”… and BAM!

Third… my (bloody/violent) take on Leonardo from the Ninja Turtles.

It will probably be months before I draw anything else. But… thought I would at least share what I’ve done.


These are rad, @Damien_Azreal. Very reminiscent of 90s Image/Darkhorse comics. Sweet!

I should try to draw more… but… effort.

And, then I feel bad I never did anything with it… so, I don’t.