Damn, Chain Zane is some of the most fun I've had with this game

Moxsy’s Chain Zane has been a lot of fun to play. Just finished soloing M4 Maliwan Takedown.

This is the sort of build that I hope gets better as the game progresses with more levels and such, not ruined or obsoleted.

I’ve been an Amara main since the beginning but I’ve been enjoying this build with Zane even more than her crazy damage. It doesn’t help that her craziness is based around Recursion Recursion mostly, plus that crazy annoying noise when you’re afflicting multiple dots to yourself.

Zane was in a bad spot for awhile so it’s nice that he’s not likely to be ruined with nerfs, in fact many seem to think he could still use some buffs here and there. That’s the other reason I finally got my second
VH to 50 in case they mess up Amara like people seem to want ugh.

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Can you describe Chain Zane? Not familiar.

It’s kinda meta right now. Basically Seein Dead+Electric Banjo+Redistributer smg.

SMG is fast firing and every 7th bulket is amped and splits to nearby enemies. Electric Banjo has 20% chance per bullet to cause shock arcs to enemies, kinda like a brainstormer.

These 2 items cause constant damageticks, proccing Seein Dead and therefore related skills like playing dirty, violent violence, good misfortune, etc.

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you do not need a damn banjo just use something better redistributor is broke on it’s own

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Do this exploit the ele annointement bug like recursion or is this strictly legit?

I do have a shock Redistributor (currently assigned to Amara), and an Electric Banjo (assigned to FL4K), but I’m down to risk… the pact… and give this apparently unholy combination a try.

The skills you use are important too.

No, I dont believe so. Optimal annointment is 50% cryo damage while Sentinel is active since you wont be ending your action skill most of the time.

25% damage on grenade thrown is the grenade annointment. And shield is probably best with movement speed while Sentinel is up annointment.

100% Cryo, welcome to the future :heart_eyes:


@sammantixbb Damn, didn’t see this until now. So this build just got even stronger. That’s what I like to see, not that silly let’s make the Ion Cannon annoying to use nonsense.

I did mention even in this thread that people thought Zane could still use some buffs here and there.

buffing annointments does not change character flaws… it just ruins the game is all… many don get it now but it will be common sense later.


I think it will be so diluted at that point and never fixed proper.

Kind of like a leaky pipe, they put a piece of tape on it yet the water still drips. So they throw rubber coating over it now. It still kinda leaks so they tape over the rubber. Instead of replacing the pipe in the 1st place. I don’t think Zane’s pipe will ever get replaced. That sounded wrong,…

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I must be missing something with how everyone distributes skills for Chain Zane. A lot of people seem to skip putting more than one point in Violent Violence and I’m not sure why?

I get that Playin Dirty and Donny Brook are better but now that Violent Violence stacks twice and combined with Seein Dead you can basically get a permanent super increase in fire rate.

Also Moxsy went with the barrier augment that increases movement speed/reload speed etc. and while I get how that’s useful it also goes away after 8 seconds if you’re using a mobile barrier (which you should be) and combined with how Seein Dead has really good action skill uptime do people put down the barrier and pick it up again or…? The deterrence field is probably pretty damn good right?

Also I know there are shields in the game other than the Transformer and the Electric Banjo already gives some shock resistance but I’ve tried using a Re-Charger Berner instead of the Transformer and my survivability just drops like a rock. I don’t want to use the Transformer because then the shock resist from the Electric Banjo is a useless overlap but yeah, any tips for using shields that aren’t the Transformer would be great.

One last thing, if I have a cryo annoint on my gun for SENTL uptime is it still worth getting the enemies get slowed/frozen on crits? Does it add anything to damage? Or should I put the 5 points in something else

The electric banjo and seein dead are plenty to keep PD proccing. So that’s probably close to 90/80 ish % damage increase. I doubt violent violence increases dps by that much.

I also believe frozen enemies only take more damage from melee? So freezing on its own doesn’t boost damage, but does make critting easy.

As for the shields, you might want to give Bands of Sitorak a try. Quick recharge, boosted gun damage and boosted health (good for Salvation)

But doesn’t increasing fire rate by like 65% boost DPS by almost that much? Why would it not be a big DPS increase? I don’t have an issue proccing kill skills but still more fire rate = more damage per second.

And ok so if I have a frozen anointment I guess I’ll spec out of that skill since I’m already getting enemies slowed and frozen with the terror anointment.

Also speaking of Salvation, should I really only put 2 points in it like Moxsy says? I feel like it’s too good of a skill to not put more in. Idk

imam give you actual good advise, stop watching some youtubers and caring where they put points and try both things and go with what you like. people usually sklp violent violence to put points somewhere else as they do not need more dps.

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I usually do it just seems like an overall consensus so I’m confused why it seems so slept on.

And if it’s too much DPS then why would those people also skip maxing out Salvation because they don’t need the survivability?

it is all context man to pick up both max vv and pd u will have to drop either donny or brainfreeze because people prefer either quality of brainfreeze or quality of donny over vv they skip vv. VV=ammo hungry dps donny=ammo friendly dps if you want max dps just pick it up all. you do not need max salvation in normal settings let alone broken redistributor or ase recursion settings 1 point is enough. people tailor their points to their play styles. i personally love brainfreeze+ice breaker so i have to drop vv since i prefer pd. But there is no reason to drop vv because it is bad it is not so use it to your hearts content. nobody out there knows how to build zane any better than you just experiment with points and you are going to be very best zane player. the more skills and combinations you try out the more you understand a character and every kind of synergy it can produce. VV is not slept on it is just least appealing of options presented in level 50 meta. a lot of level 60 builds will use full VV and probably most level 70 builds. Unless they remove how stupidly op good misfortune is with seein dead.


But what’s the point of brain freeze if you have a cryo annoint? Does it actually give you any extra utility? I have to put at least 10 points in the green tree for All-Rounder anyway but yeah.

And I go VV and Donnybrook. Donnybrook is always maxed out for me but I still have enough points to put 4 in VV. Although then I miss out on having my action skills go on longer with the skill that adds more time to them if they’re both out at the same time so hm