Damn it... just PvP lore left

Well then, time to go full berserk and get those specific ones out:

Pendles kill 20 while Miasma
Ghalt get first blood
Toby get a double Kill with Core Discharge
Thorn kill 10 BB with volley while mid-air
Kelvin stun 3 BB 10 times
Benedict kill 10 BB while Mid-Air
Galilea+Alani assist in killing Ambra 5 Times

If thats done I got platin and all trophies, at least till the new recruits drop in.

I suck hard in PvP, so it might take a while.

Oh the PVP lore can be challenging. The one for Kelvin was actually surprisingly easy. And Thorns Volley too, I expected that one to be a real pain but I just saved my volley to kill steal EVERYTHING. ;p

You could get help of friends for some of them of course, like Ghalts first blood. (Me and 3 other guys helped a buddy of us to do it. 10 times! ;p)


ghalts is far easier on capture if you can swing a game.

Kelvin one is pretty easy on overgrowth.

Tobies should probably be (relatively easy) on overgrowth.

Havn’t done’ gallilea and alani one. have fun with that. I haven’t seen to many ambra’s lately.

Toby will be the only really tough one to get.

The most efficient way to get them done is to join the Unofficial Battleborn Discord server then create a lobby for lore challenge farming and post the link in the matchmaking channel for your platform. If you are on PC I have few Battleborn remaining myself so we can help each other.

Since the latest balance changes, I’ve seen more Ambras.
I actually got Alani’s Ambra kill lore done in the very first PvP match I played with her.
So, Galilea and Alani are probably the easiest on this list, as these challenges aren’t that specific.

Ghalt could take some time, Toby too.

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With Toby just get the first kill with rail gun then second one with his ult it worked for me back when it was ten double kills

I would need a tutorial how to connect my Playstation to the other server if that’s doable.

They’ve WAY softened the Frenemy requirements.

I had to kill Ambra 25 times MYSELF, no assists, as Galilea, to get her mastery.

And it was right after Ambra’s first nerf so NO ONE was playing her!

I know, it feels almost like cheating getting the assissts now.

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Simply download/install discord to your PC/laptop or run it directly from a browser. Once you are in discord and have been given the appropriate permissions post your screen name to the #matchmaking-ps4 channel saying you are starting up a lore lobby and invite those interested to send you friend requests. You’ll need 10 people total. Separate into two groups of 5 pre-mades, then join a low traffic queue such as Capture. Match making will automatically pit the two teams against each other because y’all are in 5 person group and are likely the only 5 person teams there. Don’t cap any nodes so that y’all have max time in the match then farm farm farm.

Be sure to pick/jump into one of the voice channels so that the 10 person group can communicate. The voice channels are below the text channels in discord.

You didn’t mention the worst one, and the only one I have left…

I’m down for Gearbox humor, and I’m down for random stuff, but I really dislike the tentacle r… err, tentacle slap challenge. It discourages good performance / team dynamics, it’s super-long (50 - really?), and it doesn’t have any point that I can see. Most other lore challenges serve to introduce you to the character, their playstyle, and/or their lore. The similar Whiskey Foxtrot “Shank” challenge points you to the fact that, in a pinch, it’s very appropriate to off-hand melee as WF due to his firing speed and style, and that his off-hand is actually quite good - maybe among the best. Perhaps you wouldn’t know that without the lore, or get in the habit of using it if it you weren’t prompted to do so a gagillion times.

And then back to the tentacle-slap. Lore value? Character mechanic teaching value? Skill / teamwork value? All I see is a triple-whammy of facepalm-enducing rage. And it if it is just for the humor of it, I gotta wonder why there isn’t a similar challenge with Montana, whose off-hand melee is actually Gearbox-style clever.

But, of course, that’s my opinion :slight_smile: Other than all of those things, it’s my favorite!! And I can’t wait to wreck another few games to complete it! Yay! :slight_smile:

The tentacle slap description is inaccurate because it applies to everything, not just enemy Battleborn. You can get it for slapping lootables in PvE!


LOVE Monty’s flick!


Well, I’d try it, but the game’s down LOL.

I really hope you’re not just messin’ with me! Don’t get my hopes up!!! :slight_smile:

I’m quite serious. I was tempted to report it as a bug to GBX but decided against it because I didn’t want them to “fix” it and ruin it for everyone else.

I reported it the minute pendles was available. For season pass. Gearbox is well aware of this

Quick, quick! Edit your post! Sssshhh! I just need one game once everything’s back up :slight_smile: Then we can … err … confirm this behavior :innocent:


Why did you quote reply me?

Play The Experiment or The Archive on normal. There are a ton of lootables and enemies on those maps. You’ll have it completed in no time.:smile_cat: