Damn, was surprised how much damage Grenade annoint added 25% when thrown

It literally seems like a full 25% which means it must be V2 type, and multiplicitive with other damage types. I always thought it was additive gun damage but Moze and Zane don’t have a ton of other options to use depending on your build.

But I was messing around with Jack testing dummy and noticed the large increase. Too bad I can’t very well stack the Anarchy with her against a test dummy. I’d like to see how high I can get that damage for a general mobbing weapon.

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Yes, it is V2. Check the various dmg formula threads in each of the VH’s section. This has been tested and confirmed.
Also, you can stack the Anarchy just by unloading with automatic reloads. Just don’t manually reload it.
After 10 mags you’re at max.

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Should have specified. I’m spec’d into green tree with Moze so I don’t really run out of ammo, hmm actually maybe I could by unloading fast into body with body shots now that I think about it.

It seems like I can get it between 5-9 mil which makes sense. She is the one I would think could get the most use out of the Anarchy. I have it with a 125% incendiary damage upon Exiting IB because that seemed like it was probably the one to get the most use out of.

Maybe 300% would be good too though.

The 300v2 is sth I wouldn’t normally put on anything but One shot capable weapons. But with stacks rolling on it, it might be good yeah.
Also the 150 under 50 …?!