Damnt, again! This is my

Hi everyone, my question is how many times did you try to finish all five rounds in Hyperion Slaughter?

A few times, then lost interest and moved onto something else.

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It’s better with friends, although I’ve also done it solo. It does get pretty insane. I’d hate to try it as a melee character solo.


Which one is the Hyperion one? Ore Chasm?


Yeah, that one.

Oh I like that one.

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Once at 72 (solo) and one time at OP8 (co-op).

Not a fan of that place. lol

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How many times I’ve tried? Probably 6 or 7. The number of times I’ve actually been successful? Once. One of the waves in Round 5 is just too much for me to handle solo.

It is a super fun place to run co-op though.

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I’ve done all 5 rounds in every mode with almost every character, so at a guess, 12-14?

I’ve not done it in OP levels but have at 72 - I love that one but the last round requires some judicious hiding spots and a Pimpernel and/or Sand Hawk.


Don’t get me wrong, I do want to finish it, especially the moxxi sniper I think you get as a final reward.

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Oo, the Hyperion Slaughter’s a good one! I can’t remember if I’ve soloed it at endgame, I think so, but I mostly do it with @johnrr6. There’s usually the right enemies for a second wind but it’s also really easy to go down lots of times and I often do! Tough but fun. Bandit is my favourite though.

Best tip is to familiarise yourself with spawns spots and wave types (they’re fairly predictable) and don’t get caught out in the open. There’s a few spots of cover for each bit but none last for very long… The surveyor round is pretty dangerous so I like hiding in containers, and it’s easy to forget the multiple turrets that spawn underneath the walkway at the end. Decent corrosive guns including a sniper rifle are recommended.

What platform are you on? If you’re PC I’m always up for coop (though I’m away for the next week or so), but most people on this forum are on console…


Let me think…

Maybe 3-4 times I finished it? Can’t remember off hand. I don’t mess around with that arena much. Not because I dislike it, I just don’t bother with it.


As a tip, if you’re looking for one, the judicious hiding spot I referred to is at the top of the ramp that is on the opposite end of the map from the entrance from Eridium Blight ( wow - that’s one crazy run-on sentence ). Sorry for the terrible screenshot, best I could do :


One of the best and toughest fights in the game! One of my favorites and ALWAYS a challenge even if the spawns and patterns are pretty much always the same. It’s just…HARD! LOL

Keep at it…you will get there.

I was always running out of DPUH ammo and Shotgun ammo for Explosive Axton. Tried some chucking with SMG ammo and Seeker/Ogre with AR to share the ammo pool better. And Sniper is great with a Corrosive Lyuda.

Pro Tip:

There is a spot on the platform…not the highest platforms or the lowest…behind a big fuel tank with your back to the highest platform…that can give you a “breather” if needed. Just make sure you eliminate enemies behind you and the occasssional Bot or surveyor that will seek you out.

Pro tip #2:

Getting spammed by Surveyors??..don a Transformer Shield…works wonders!!


Said everyone ever :smiley:


I’ve completed it with every character at least once in TVHM and again in UVHM, but not the OP levels. Gaige is the only character to have completed it w/o dying (the Dahlminator really shines in her hands here). When you get off the elevator look at your map and make a right turn. The platform there to your north is the safest spot I’ve found and with the exception of a couple of spawns in the middle rounds enemies don’t spawn there and every other area can be sniped from there (except for the Hyperion landing barge in round 4 or 5 IIRC).


I play at Xbox 360.

Thanks for the tips, I’m glad that you take the time to answer my first topic.


I love all the slaughter rounds and like to leave them for last in my playthrough’s, and this at OP8 is probably my favorite to complete, because when the turrets and SBA surveyors come in round 5 it’s make or break time, but very rewarding to get through. @bew_ has a vid with melee Zero (and a few others i’m sure) completing this round that is just amazing. Have fun and goodluck :smiley:


Thanks, with Maya that is my last mission.