DamselsUndDragons Art - Plague Bringer Edition

Jan 17th, 2018 Update:

Since there are a few pieces in here now, I felt it appropriate to change the title name since it is no longer just Phoebe. Alas, not everything can be just Phoebe. Unfortunately.

Anyhow, this thread is for my wife’s Battleborn art.

September 15th, 2017:

Hi everyone!

I’ve been waiting excitedly to share this with everyone for the last couple of weeks while I waited for it to get properly formatted and posted and I figured that this morning with all of us anxiously awaiting the Battleplan would be an awesome time to post it.

I received the below as a birthday present from a lovely pin-up artist (who I may, in fact, be married to):

You can find the artist in question’s galleries at:
Tumblr ((Though I should warn if you’re not familiar with Tumblr that they do not hide adult content so there may be NSFW stuff present. I don’t personally believe this counts as an NSFW link outright, but mods, if you take umbrage then please erase this link))

Even more excitement, she currently has a poll on the frontpage of her Deviantart for what she should be drawing and ALANI is currently an option. So if you have a deviantart account then we should all flood the poll with Alani votes.

EEEEE! So excited. I really love this picture. :heart_eyes:


Well that artist has skill.


When I posted the above I had kind of forgotten that she’d already done a handful of quickie ink-sketches of a few more characters. I scoured her Instagram this morning to get them for you guys (there’s also some progress pics on the Phoebe posted there if you are interested. https://www.instagram.com/damsels.und.dragons/ ) The following were done mostly when she was finished work for the day in the last 30-60 minutes of the day. They were done entirely with inking pens.


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This one has been finished for a while now (November) but holidays backlogged us on processing it and uploading it.

Lovely little Beatrix was an anniversary present from my wife to me. Super happy with it.

If you hop onto her Instagram (links in the first post) and scroll down to her November posts then you can see a couple progress shots too.