Dang it, Ult kill doesn't count

Tried with Shane and Attikus, in Bot battles didn’t get credit for any Ult kills.



why the difference in the wording? Do they think your gonna kill your Ally BB with an ult lol

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Yep, had that same problem. It’s a bummer.


Really beginning to wonder if they test these things before putting them into production.


Why would you expect Bots Battles to count? It’s not like you’re killing actual players…

I did both quests in real PvP using ISIC, so I can attest that the quests themselves are not bugged. I also failed to get credit for killing Ambra multiple times in Bots, so it’s either a bug with Bots Battle and player kills or GBX just doesn’t want Bots to count as players for quests.

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I expect it to count because GBX said it would.


…Because Gearbox said this was for us PvE players to do lore. I respect them, this post is just a heads-up.


Weird that the mission that gives you credit doesn’t count but my buddy did all his dailies which were 3 in bots and they all worked.

A lot of the lore is working but things like this and killing Ambra don’t count.
I was able to get Master of Shane yesterday thanks to this. :sunny:

Quests aren’t technically lore. Unless they said something about the quests specifically, I think it’s a little presumptuous to just expect it to work out.

After all, you can sometimes earn Platinum that way, and I doubt 2k would let us cheese our way to platinum.

…Wasn’t making that connection, just saying. :acmcheese:


As opposed to what? Unreal?

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Thank you for that. I’ve been wanting to get good with isic and I really need to get the 3 battleborn kills via ult. I’m going to do exactly what you did. :yum:

They did say otherwise. in the Montana reveal steam Thursday. Someone in chat asked if the dailies could be done in Bots Battle, and they said they could. So it’s presumptuous to assume that you assume people weren’t refering to that. /sarcasm

But seriously it was asked and answered so I expected it too work to since they said dailies can be finished in Bots Battle.

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Imo it´s a mean annoying little bug.

What happend to me so far:
-Friday my second Daily got stuck, played Bot-Battles of course. (Win a match as UPR)
My fiances quests were counting though.

-Yesterday BotBattles counted towards both Dailies and Main-Quest, for both me & my fiance.

-Today it kinda worked, but only for me while the Dailies of SmokerCrew got stuck.

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…It isn’t all working but so much of it is that I’ve managed to complete all of the lore on many of the characters.
#HappyFeet :dancers:

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Seems like if it counts kill a Jennerit Battleborn it shouldn’t be so difficult for it to count kill a specific Jennerit Battleborn.

…Interesting :smile:

Fair enough. I don’t keep up with their streams because I find the cringe factor a little much. (Sorry!)

Understandable, but personally I find their humor entertaining.

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