Dannys Texmoddery-For past and preset

(Dannydlm) #1

Little Edit For people wanting these, Even know the Old forum was supposed to be archived the pages for the Texmods are gone, once i’ve found the Mediafire links i’ll get’em Back up here. Till then only the Simple Vibra pulse/rosie Link is working

As many will know i did quite a few texmods both for BL2 and a few for BL:TPS currently.

As for this thread any I deem good enough will be posted here in an easy to find thread and will updated whenever I edit or make a new one, i was gonna make this on the old forums, but these swanky new ones provide a new home now and i can just link back to the previous ones.

For already made links:
And Here. We. Go

Texmods are as followed:

Bl2- BL:TPS Hyperion Manufacturer Texmod :

AMERIKrieg :

All Praise The PURPLE HUD!(for BL:TPS) :

And Lastly For the Link(s of the past)

Cerberus Jack skin ( like the Mass effect Cerberus) :


Simplified Vibra Pulse/ Rosie:

Now that that’s over with I shall be Updating this thread Whenever i decide to make something new, Currently though I have Nothing For ideas, So if you have a suggestion that’s Not too Hard ( simply because im artistically In adept ) I’d love to hear them :smiley:

P.s. These Smiles Are Scary o.0

(Residential Idiot) #2

Would like to see a minimalistic texmod for the Rosie, or Moxxi’s laser. Their default material texture is a little gaudy for personal taste.

(Dannydlm) #3

Vibra shouldn’t be too Hard Considering its A flat Square texture :slight_smile: Rosie Is a bit more irritating as its made of multiple layers But i’ll have a go at it

Edit Go to First Post For Simplified Vibra / Rosie :slight_smile:

Heres is pics of both


(AKA Scruffy the Janitor) #4

I think the Rosie looks gaudy in the game, along with the Heartbreaker and the Creamer, since they just covered them in Moxxi’s (roses for the Rosie) rather than just the one symbol like on your red Rosie above (with the single rose above the laser cell) and like the Creamer and Heartbreaker from Borderlands 2. I like the pink, but I love the red one.

Good job man!


Those lasers look damn good!

(Residential Idiot) #6

Simple, clean, and elegant.