Dark Army farming?

I see there are several builds around this gun, but i havent seen it in action and havent had the chance to get one to drop. Is Storm Complex the only location you can get it at?

I have been trying to get it on M11, but i cant make it to one location it is said to drop. either i die or the storm moves in and i cant make it. and havent had luck with the boss.

makes me wonder if i can get it to drop in regular mode, but reroll it on M11. but doubt thats a thing.

Sfromblind is the only place and it has that dedicated chest plus it can world drop in there. It’s a difficult farm as sometimes you drop in and are not in a good place to even go for the dedicated chest.
Just need to be persistent.

Heavies & Bad Asses (the guys in the red hoods) drop them as well on occasion. I’ve only seen Dark Army + in the wild (and never in it’s drop chest.)

You don’t really need to go to those chests to get one.
What I do is concentrate on killing the foes around the middle of the map, working my way up with better shields, guns and other gear. Head to the airdrops and any chests that are reachable with sufficient time left then kill the boss. That way I rarely die.

You can do 1 chest outside the safe zone before murdercane hit. If you get crap start gear you can however take to long.

But like said it can drop as world drop and Harker has chance to drop it.

You just have to become efficient in arms race (it’s pretty boring either way)

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You can find it also in diamond room

You can find pretty much anything there, though i opened it 3 times and getting pretty much trash i wouldn’t even put in my bank.

Got 3 hotsprings at the same time… I don’t even extract it when i find it in AR

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@G1R If you are playing Mayhem 10/11 or are a min/maxer, you’re probably going to want to seek out the Dark Army “++” prefix also. My recollection is that this prefix nearly doubles the damage on the weapon. But good luck getting one to drop - Dark Armies seem to be fairly rare in the first place, and the ++ prefix is even harder to find. I think I have found 2 ever?

And the Dark Army is one of the more fun weapons in the game, in my opinion. I like it quite a bit. Is it totally overwhelming or something like that? Nah. But it is really fun and worth using if you find a good one. I wouldn’t say that it is specifically worth farming though. Just because farming one would take forever.

It’s not really THAT rare :wink:

I found a bunch, but always when farming for something else (spy mod)

Arms race just isn’t a fun way to farm what you want (multiple reasons)

I can’t remember any run where i had to few extraction spots (fire fly and rez you really don’t need many off same for hotspring) i either found 1 item or nothing worth extracting.

Also diamond armory needs more of these items instead of getting cluttered with world drops nobody wants


Well, I was talking specifically about farming a ++ prefix Dark Army. Those are super rare.

Kinda OT but related to what you said, I kinda feel like the Diamond Armory should have a lot less purples and below. I don’t know the percentage of non-legendaries, but it’s about 30-50%. There have always been a ton of non-uniques in the maybe 5-10 diamond keys I have gotten so far.

And that seems like a pretty reasonable amount of diamond keys right? :crazy_face: My vault card rank is only like 100+. Seriously, diamond keys need to be WAY more common. Like you should be guaranteed one every 5 levels or so IMO. They are stupid rare.

I would say, rightfully so :innocent: even without the prefix it’s an awesome weapon :muscle:

The ++ is the icing and cherry on the cake :grin:

I guess it depends on perspective. True Takedowns are my measuring stick. Without the ++ prefix the Dark Army is kinda meh in a M10 TTD. At least in my opinion. But again, how much I like the weapon (quite a bit actually) does not necessarily correspond to its effectiveness LOL.

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Have at least 5 Vault Card 2 keys.
Drop into Arms Race.
Check location of self/storm/Dark Army chest.
If favorable, continue. If not, die/fast travel to restart.
Once in favorable positioning, drop a Troubleshooter from VC2.
Proceed to Dark Army chest with extreme prejudice. :muscle:
If it’s not in the chest, you can either check other chests/air drops/badasses if you want, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for before the storm takes over, DON’T drop down to Harker. Proceed to a vending machine, sell your Troubleshooter, then die (can’t remember if this part works with fast travel, but I believe deaths in Arms Race don’t cost you money, so :man_shrugging:).
Drop back in, get some cash, buy your Troubleshooter back from the machine, repeat.


i have seen some different variations, but feel like if i ever want it to drop, non mayhem mode would work cause i struggle to even survive at that level. it sucks