Dark Lilith Bug (Siege of Castle Crimson

Hi! First, sorry for the crap English.
Well, the name of the post explains himself, I m stuck in the fight with Dark Lilith and she doesn’t show up, there is any fix?


Same problem here on PS4

Does a quit-restart fix the issue? You can also try joining the game of someone else running the same mission to get past the block.

Well, dears vault hunters I found the solution or at least work to me.
I returned to the twisted version of M.C. Escher “relativity” and I went to the unexplored part of the map. There I can fount a save point, just for fun slaughtered some of the psychos, restart the game, and came back to the Boss entrance and that’s it! Lilith Showed Up and we fight and I killed her and everything was alright…Brick cry, I cried, then Tina laughed…oh wait that was another story.

Again sorry for the crap English and i hope this works for you too.

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I bet Brick was punching those tears.