Dark Screen when Launch the game

(SoulCircuit) #1

To my disappointment, when i wanted to play the game. when i launch the game, just dark screen, nothing whatsoever, i just leave it like 20minutes, still nothing. I just updated my Nvidia driver, restarted the PC and verified the game files twice. But still no luck, this is just ridiculous. i have tons of new games on steam, and this is the only games that won’t start.

(SoulCircuit) #2

How can i submit a ticket for my problem?

(Damien Azreal) #3

Submit a ticket here http://support.gearboxsoftware.com

The more information they can gather, the quicker they can find an answer and fix to this issue.

(SoulCircuit) #4


(Hbow2000) #5

I’m having the same problem have you gotten help form gearbox support I need help with this as I haven’t got a reply yet

(SoulCircuit) #6

i did, still no solution with this problem. the reply is just plain useless recommendations which everyone knows already. They have no idea what is going on.

(Influencer Guy) #7

Sorry for the late response here, but they’re probably just trying to rule out the simple stuff before moving on to bigger possibilities. Are you still getting dark screen at launch?

(Damien Azreal) #8

It’s unfair to say they “have no idea” what is going on.
With any support submission you will receive a generic, most times, automated reply offering standard suggestions.

It’s not a matter of how apt they are at fixing the issue, it’s standard support. And, it’s sad to say, you have to handle things like that. As, while most users are competent and able to trouble shoot simply things themselves, there are those users who can not do things that seem simple to others.

And, as always, trouble shooting takes time. Replicating an issue, isolating what’s causing it. Finding a fix, testing the fix, make sure the fix doesn’t cause any new issues. Submit the fix for testing and QA, then submitting it for release as a patch.